Natalie Minx latex box tied

Free bondage photos blog 12 June 2020

Natalie Minx free bondage

I could have shot this with a lot more ambiant light, but I really wanted that edgy dark, tied alone in an abandoned warehouse kinda feel. I think it worked out just fine... :)

Just who tied her there and for what purpose, I think I'll leave to your individual imaginations - but one thing is for sure, someone better be coming to rescue her, because she isn't getting out on her own, that is for sure...

That latex is tight, thin and slick. Just the way it is supposed to be. Yeah, I know that there is a whole community out there that is into "heavy" rubber - but I guess I am just not one of them. I much prefer latex that is really thin. It molds to the body and you can feel every curve of the lovely girl underneath it...

latex bondage ball-gag maid gagged

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