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Emily didn't know how long she had been waiting. There was no clock in the room, or sound for that matter, other than the noise of her struggles.

Rachel had tied her there hours earlier - to a sturdy wooden cross in the middle of the room.

The red ropes holding her in place gave absolutely no chance at escape. Emily had tried of course; quite seriously at first, but then as it became apparent that they were useless, her struggles faded until they were nothing more than something to pass the time. Every once in awhile she would come out of her blissful haze and pull violently at her wrist and ankles- but that was only out of frustration - frustration that Rachel had not come back to play with her.

This wasn't new to Emily. Rachel loved to torment her by leaving her alone to simmer in her helpless pot. Her feet, legs and arms ached from the strain of being left standing for so long, but it was her crotch that she could feel the most. Rachel's tight crotch rope had done its job perfectly and as Emily moved, it had worked its way even deeper inside of her - making its presence felt more with each passing moment. By now, her crotch was steaming.

The tight rubber panties trapped every bit of moisture within them and the crotch of her pantyhose were absolutely drenched.

Emily could have called out for Rachel to return, but she knew better than to give in to this temptation. She was not gagged. Something that had surprised her at first; Normally Rachel would insist upon one - but Emily knew better than to give in to this temptation. It was another of Rachel's tests. Emily had gone through a lot of these tests in the six months that she had been in training and she wasn't going to fail this one. As tormenting as this bondage position might be, it was nothing like something that Rachel would come up with for failing a test.

Emily spread bondage

The thought had no sooner come into her head when she heard the tell-tale clicking of Rachel's heels on the floor. Emily's struggles increased both in anticipation of her Mistress's re-emergence and also because the passion had already begun to rise within her.

Rachel entered the room and moved forward slowly, she was still wearing the tight latex corset and skirt that Emily had so painstakingly dressed her in.

It hugged every curve of her body and Emily had only one thought on her mind - to kiss and lick every inch of it. She knew that if that was going to happen that she would have to earn the privilege.

'So, how is my little pet doing? I see you still haven't gotten free.' Rachel said, moving her hands on to Emily's helpless body.

'Oh, Mistress, I tried - but the ropes are just too tight.' Emily pleaded, pulling at her bonds in demonstration.

'Obviously not hard enough. No matter. I think you deserve a little reward anyway.'

Rachel moved her hand down between Emily's legs and began to massage slowly.

'Well, you're certainly wet. Look how wet your pussy is.' Rachel cooed, moving her hand harder against Emily's gyrating crotch.

Emily didn't respond; Instead, she tilted her head back and closed her eyes as Rachel's wanton tongue found her breast. Her moans slowly increasing as Rachel's expert touch heated the flames of desire within her.

Then Rachel move down her - her mouth kissing and sucking softly upon her until she reached her crotch.

Emily jerked as her tongue ran up the inside of her inner thigh. She could feel Rachel's hot breath and her pussy flowed even hotter than before. Then as was her custom, just as Emily was about to come, Rachel stopped.

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'You're just making far too much noise.' She said, and proceeded to shove a red ball gag into Emily's waiting mouth. She took it like it was a cock, willingly - even though she knew that it may be there a long time.

Rachel continued her caresses. Pulling the crotchrope even tighter, forcing both the sopping crotch of her pantyhose and the rubber panties even deeper into her pussy. Emily was in heaven.

'As much as I love tying these on you, sometimes they just get into the way.' Rachel said, untying the knot at her belly. She pulled the crotchrope down slowly easing it out from the moist crevice it has created. Then she fed a finger under the crotch of the panties and pulled them out from Emily's crotch. Emily recoiled, but not nearly as much as she did when Rachel let them go -snapping the rubber against Emily's sensitive clit.

'Agghhhmphh' Emily moaned, as Rachel did it again and again, each time pulling the panties out a little further & each snap being much more intense than the one before.

Then Rachel pulled out a pair of scissors and cut the panties off, followed quickly by the soaked crotch of Emily's pantyhose.

redhead bondage bondage worship

Emily struggled in her bondage, pulling at her arms as best she could. The only affect was to make her passion grow even more.

'What's wrong? You want this?' Rachel said, pulling out the large white vibrator.

'MMMmmmmmss Mmmmmmmss' Emily pleaded, drool falling from her lips as she tried to talk.

'Yes? Well, I guess I can turn it on for you.'

The vibrator erupted and without warning, Rachel shoved it between Emily's legs. Emily began to writhe in her bondage, but there was absolutely nothing she could do.

Within seconds her entire body convulsed and she screamed into her gag as she came - but Rachel wouldn't remove the vibrator and quickly the intense pleasure gave way to an equally intense discomfort. Her clit was on fire and still Rachel wouldn't remove the wand. After about ten seconds, the feeling ebbed, replaced by another mounting wave of passion.

Rachel began licking around the head of the vibrator and Emily struggled helplessly. This was the reward that she had won for her hours in bondage - a reward that she would gladly give anything for- she came over and over, her mind lost in a world of helpless reality.

Slowly she came out of her haze. Rachel had turned off the vibrator. Emily looked into her eyes, the drool streaming out of her mouth uncontrollably.

'That was a good little slave girl. Now I think we need to get you into something a little tighter, and definitely a lot stricter.

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