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Emily moaned loudly. She had been tied for almost thirty minutes and a bondage position that had started off as difficult had become almost unbearable.

Thinking back, Emily knew that she was in for something specially wicked when Rachel had told her to put on the purple rubber catsuit. Emily loved the catsuit, but had grown to fear the bondage that was somehow strangely linked to it.

It seemed that whenever she wore it, the bondage that accompanied it was incredibly stringent.

There was never any sensual aspect to it - the play was darker and the bondage tighter and more intense. 'The tighter the better' her Mistress would always say.

This position was no different. It was simplistic in its cruelty. Just a hogtie - but the ropes around her body were mercilessly tight. They were so tight that the only thing Emily could move was her head and her feet.

Rachel sat above her engrossed in her latest book, a particularly wonderful new graphic novel by {Brian Tarsis}, entitled, 'Valeria'. Emily had read part of it and had already experienced some of the twisted bondage positions herself; Rachel loved to bring these stories to life with Emily as the leading character.

Emily let out a particularly loud moan and Rachel's only response was to begin cropping Emily's exposed stocking feet as she read. Emily moaned louder lifting her head even higher off the ground, straining every muscle in her body to do so.

Emily hogtied bondage

Rachel responded by putting her book down.

'Having trouble keeping your head up?' She said, pushing her foot down below Emily's chin as she strained to keep the pose.

Rachel moved down and began to caress her. A welcome distraction from the growing distress overcoming her.

She relaxed and her head moved down until her chin was a inch from the floor. Rachel's hands moved down to her feet. She squeezed them, digging her nails into Emily's soft soles. But even that didn't bring up Emily's head.

foot bondage violet latex bondage

'I guess sterner measures will be required.' Rachel said sternly. 'Mmmmphno!' Emily cried, but it was to no avail. Rachel was already feeding a rope under the ring in her harness ball gag and within seconds Emily's head was being slowly pulled back until it was lifted as far as it would go.

'There, that's better.' Rachel cooed, tying off the knot.

Now, what was a stringent position had suddenly turned into an absolutely hideous torment. Emily wanted so much to be free, but every movement meant more strain on her body. She was powerless, caught in an ever tightening web of reactions, each movement making the position that much more unbearable.

This only seemed to make Rachel more excited. She continued to torment her, alternating between the crop and her sharp fingernails. It was murderous. Finally when Emily thought she could stand it no more, Rachel untied the rope to her head harness and let her head down.

harness gag bondage

Rachel moved forward. Slowly moving down until her face was right up against Emily's ear.

'That's a good girl.' Rachel whispered. 'Now you stay like that while I go decide what we are going to do next. Emily moaned into her gag, but Rachel paid no heed.

'Shhhh- be quiet. I won't be long - or again, I may be - I guess that is where the fun comes in, doesn't it.'

Emily struggled as much as she could in the ropes, but all that was visible was a little movement of her feet and hands.

'Now, if you can get out of that on your own, you wouldn't have to wait, would you? Take care my little pet-'

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