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Emily of course had been unable to get free - she could barely move, so she endured the hogtie for another 20 minutes. By the time Rachel returned to release her, she had reached her absolute limit of endurance. It was a funny thing; Rachel always seem to know where her limits were, better even than Emily herself.

'Oh my God.' Emily moaned, as Rachel pulled the large red orb from her mouth.

'What's wrong my pet?' Rachel asked, watching the last bit of drool slide from Emily's chin on to her quivering breasts.

Emily didn't respond. Instead, she moved her hands in front of her and slowly extended her arms. The blood was rushing back into them now, but she still didn't have full use of them. She sat up slowly and felt the perspiration trapped under her tight purple catsuit slide down her body. She arched her back and slowly lifted her head. Rachel was still staring at her; She seemed to enjoy this part of their relationship as much as any other.

'Well, now that you seem to have recovered, you can come get me dressed.' Rachel said, smiling.

'Yes, Mistress.'

Without another word, Rachel lead Emily upstairs and let her remove her tight black and red latex basque. Emily's hands were still not functioning quite right; It would take a few more minutes before she was completely back to normal. Because of this, she was more than a little clumsy. As she was pulling down Rachel's pantyhose, she caught her fingernail in the soft fabric and to her horror, a ran them.

'Emily! You've ruined a fifty dollar pair of nylons!' Rachel screamed.

'I'm sorry Mistress, it is just the ropes…'

'No excuses.' Rachel retorted, grabbing her robe and pulling it on in a huff. 'I think we need to train you a little better… Come with me.'

Emily followed Rachel into the main closet. It was in here that Rachel kept not only her fetish outfits, but also all her bondage paraphernalia as well. It was a place that Emily had to visit quite often; Many times to pick out a whip or flogger so she could be punished. Something she fully expected now, but for whatever reason, Rachel had other ideas.

She grabbed a set of red and black patent restraints and locked them on Emily's wrists and ankles. The matching collar came next, locked on as well. Rachel then grabbed the specially made shoe locks and attached them to Emily's ankle restraints, effectively locking her incredibly high heeled shoes on her feet. Then Rachel took a length of chain, locked one end around her waist, pulled the free end tightly up between her legs and locked it in place in front of her. She then attached her wrists, ankles and waist with another length of rope, effectively hobbling her. She could walk, but with short careful steps.

'Give me my red and white striped corset and some tan nylons.'

Emily obeyed, although it was very difficult and handed her mistress what she asked for.

'Follow me.'

Rachel led Emily back out to the bedroom, put the corset around her waist and sat down on the bench.

'Put my stockings on - and if you so much as put a nick in them, there's going to be hell to pay.'

Emily crouched down and did as she was told, being extremely careful not to damage the expensive stockings. Rachel then stood up and Emily attached them to her corset.

'Where are my shoes?' Rachel asked suddenly.'You didn't...''You expect me to walk around in my stocking feet? Get my red Bettie sandals at once.' She barked.

'Yes Mistress.' Emily said softly, lowering her head. She knew that this was just another argument she could never win and dutifully turned on her heels and slowly made her way back to the closet. The shoes Rachel wanted where up on the top shelf of the shoe rack and her chained hands were barely able to reach them. If Rachel had made the chain between her hands and her waist any shorter she wouldn't have been able to. She then turned and slowly walked back out.

Rachel was still sitting there smiling smugly. She really did enjoy watching Emily fight her way through these petty little torments. Emily slowly crept back into the room, the short chain in between her ankles making it almost impossible to walk.

She held out the shoes for Rachel to take, but Rachel wasn't going to let her off that easily.

'Well, give them to me. I shouldn't have to reach for my shoes.' She said, lifting her hands but not extending them much past her body.

'Yes, Mistress.' Emily said, struggling to reach her Mistress' hands.

'Very good.' Rachel said, as she stood up. She held the shoes for a second and them deliberately dropped them, basically eradicating all the effort that Emily had just made. Emily did her best not to notice, but it was so hard not to react to an act that was so obviously made to make her say something that she would regret later.

violet latex collar bondage

'It's time to tighten my corset now.' Rachel announced, turning around.

Emily went to work immediately, but with her hands chained the way they were it was not very easy. She struggled with the laces, doing her best to pull them evenly.

'Oh Mistress, I'm not sure I can do this properly with my hands cha-' Emily started to whine.

'Oh hush.' Rachel interrupted. 'I have faith in you.' Emily did her very best, rocking back and forth on top of her stiletto shoes, she slowly pulled the corset tight.

'That's tight enough.' Rachel said. 'Now tie it off.'

'Yes, Mistress.' Emily said.

Tightening the corset had been hard enough, but the normally simple task of tying it was almost impossible, but Emily was up to the task and tied it, finishing it with a nice even bow.

'Finished Mistress.'

'Is it neat?' Rachel asked, smirking.

'Yes, Mistress.'

'Very well.' Rachel said sitting down. 'You can sit down now.'

corset cuffs bondage

Emily was relieved.. She had been standing in those killer shoes for a long time and her poor feet were killing her. She sat down on the ground below Rachel and waited. Rachel was in a playful mood and Emily could sense it. It was times like these that Emily loved the most. Rachel crossed her legs and then slowly kicked her foot up and down in front of Emily's face. Emily's eyes were glued to it like she was watching a tennis match.

'You like my feet?' Rachel asked. She didn't have to. She knew how much of a foot slut Emily was.

'Yes, Mistress.' Emily responded, trying to keep the yearning out of her voice with very poor results.

Rachel put her foot back on the ground.

'You just want to lick them, don't you.'

'Please, Mistress.' Emily responded.

'Very well.' Rachel said, smiling.

Even before the words had escaped her lips, Emily was struggling forward, trying to get her head down low enough so she could kiss her stocking foot. It took some doing; It is amazing how incapacitating a simple set of restraints can be if applied properly. She did finally manage it, but just as her tongue touched Rachel's foot, Rachel pulled it back up above her.

'Ohh…' Emily cried, pulling herself back up with even greater difficulty than it took to get down. Rachel was playing now. She lifted her foot and slowly began to stroke the underside of Emily's chin. Emily responded to the soft touch like a cat, lifting her chin and opening her mouth in pleasure. Rachel moved her foot downward, playing with Emily's chest, her foot inches out of reach of Emily's straining hands. Finally, she lowered it just enough that Emily could reach it and Emily moved her head down burying her nose in Rachel's exposed sole.

'You like the smell of my feet?' Rachel asked, her eyes raising slightly as she smiled.

'Oh, yes Mistress.' Emily said, trying to keep her composure, but again failing miserably.

'And how about the taste?' She asked.

Emily opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and ran it up the outside of Rachel's foot.

'It's delicious.' She responded. Another lick followed and another - and then she put her mouth around Rachel's stocking foot and sucked on her big toe.

It was like a hunger that she just couldn't quench. Within seconds she was devouring her Mistress' foot, greedily lapping at it with all her will. Rachel pushed her foot forward, shoving it further into Emily's mouth.

'You need to fill that mouth of yours completely. More. More…' Rachel said, pushing harder.

Emily accepted it all, until she could feel the tickle of Rachel's stockings on the back of her throat…. Emily tried to pull away, but Rachel would have none of it. She was now using it as a gag and the more Emily struggled, the more Rachel just kept shoving it further in. Finally, just as Emily thought she couldn't stand it anymore, Rachel pulled it back.

'That's a good girl.' Rachel cooed. 'I see you've had lots of practice with large objects in your mouth.'

Emily only smiled and continued worshipping her Mistress' feet. Rachel let her continue for quite some time, but then finally had had enough.

'That's enough now the shoes.'

feet soles licking bondage

Emily whined a little bit, but stopped almost immediately. She knew that it would only get her in trouble if she kept it up. She moved forward to get the shoe and Rachel stopped her.

'With your teeth.'

There was only the slightest pause as Emily readjusted herself. She moved downward slowly and grabbed the dainty strap of the red sandals with her teeth. Rachel smiled, as Emily put the first shoe on and then bent down and retrieved the other.

high heels licking bondage

'Now let's see how I look.' Rachel said, standing up and looking in the tall mirror in front of her. 'Well, what do you think?'

'You're beautiful, Mistress.' Emily gushed. The corset did indeed look wonderful on her.

'You know, I'm not so sure. I think I'll wear the purple one instead.

'The purple one. But I just struggled through all th-'

'Hush and go get me my purple corset.' Rachel retorted.

'Yes. Mistress.' Emily said, slowly hobbling away again.

Rachel smiled as she left. Emily had truly come a long way in a very short time. Rachel thought it was just about time for her to be graduated to the next level.

purple latex slave girl in chains

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