Spread-eagled bondage and forced sex

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clamped gaggged in corset
tied in latex
crotchrope corset
rope tied in garter belt

Free bondage photos blog 28 June 2020

ballet boots and leather corset

What better way to celebrate the upcoming holiday that to dress your girl in a leather ensemble that is sure to please... both you and her I'd reckon... Paris certainly felt sexy as hell... {[wmbc54340z.jpg]}

Then insert a C-Stand with a boom arm on it - attached to a vibrator and well, then you have a party my friends. Just the right amount of pressure really does make all the difference...

It is amazing to watch how girls slowly go right up to the edge and then over - then the come down and suddenly realize the this thing between her legs isn't going to turn off...

vibrator and bondage

Just make sure that you have a ball gag on hand when the screaming really starts...

Which in Paris's case really was from just about the very beginning. I had to give the neighbors a break... right? Right.

Plus it looks so good between those lips...

free spread-eagled bondage

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