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Darby chains and corset bondage

When Darby was out last, I decided that I would do something for those boot lovers out there -but this one would be standing tie. I mean boots sort of lend themselves to this sort of thing because you can't get them off, and with the heels being so high, that just creates a whole new aspect to the predicament.

I started it off rather simply. Just a few chains. But those chains were the ones that you needed. One attached to the ceiling so that she wouldn't walk off and get help (or fall) - we can't have either of those :) A chain around her wrists and one at her elbows. The one around her torso was for support... and that all over helpless feeling :)

Then all you need to do is add a bit of time. Time is the great referee here. It just slowly moves along and with it, Darby gets to think more and more of the fact that she's rather be sitting.

Eventually, once that thought is all she can think about, well, you just change it up so that she can think of something else. In this case, I've just added another chain and made it into a strappado with a crotch chain to boot.

Add to that a chain around the legs and well... now you have something really interesting. The question now is no if she has forgotten about her feet, but whether the arms are a bigger concern. Sexy stuff.

Darby ball-gagged bondage Darby leather strappado Darby strapapdo drooling

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