Hollywood - Damsel on Stringent Strings

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Hollywood latex bondage

This week's page turned out to be all about semi suspension. I say "turned out" because honestly I didn't plan it. Actually, I rarely plan *anything*. That is really how I work. A majority of the time, I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do until right before the scene. I know that a lot of people prepare and write down in detail each position and idea in advance, but I am just not like that.

Sometimes this makes for great stuff and sometimes I end up kicking myself for not being more "prepared"... Luckily, these all seemed to turn out according to plan... errr... so to speak. ;)

Originally, Hollywood was going to be standing in heels, but shoes just weren't a possibility this week. She had stubbed her toe really badly a few days before and it was just too painful. She actually tried and probably could have dealt with the pain, but I figured that this position was hard enough as it was. -And no, she can't stand flat footed... poor Hollywood...

I probably should explain a little of what is going on behind her because I couldn't take a good picture of it. One of the reasons that this position is so stringent are how her elbows are tied and connected to everything. They are attached to the spreader bar below her by a rope (pulling her over backwards), and attached to her wrists via the ceiling rope coming down behind her (that rope is lifing her elbows upwards).

Interestingly, it may look like she has partial use of her hands, but she can't reach *anything*... She tried believe me... It was quite a lot of fun to watch.

So you ask yourself... You have this gorgeous gal wiggling and moaning in front of you... you think that would be enough?

Hell no... LOL

So you ask... what would make this scene complete?

Well, this is my answer.

Funny how nipple clamps on tight breasts seemed to make her to forget all about her aching arches, her elbows, and the tight ropes crisscrossing her body...

That's right, reach for them... Of course, even if she could knock them off... she wouldn't dare do it... That type of offense might require a bit of cropping...

-Or actually a worse punishment in Hollywood's case - a little tickling on those exposed soles of hers... Trust me... *that* drives her crazy....

I went shopping a little while ago and I decided that we didn't have enough dresses. So I picked up a couple of little slinky numbers. Hollywood put this on and we all kinda went.... "oh my"...

Of course, after a bit of rope it became, "my, oh my..."

For whatever reason, I haven't done very many strappado scenes. Strange eh? I think this position might make up for it... Hollywood didn't have any idea what she was in for....

Figured that I'd finish up the evening on something easy... This little toe went to market. This little toe stayed home. This little toe had roast beef. This little toe had none. This little toe was tied to another little toe that was connected to a ring in a head harness that was connected to... Well it started out easy... ;)

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