Bittersweet bondage therapy 3

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corset chair tied

Christina sat up quickly.

'What just happened?!' She cried. 'What's wrong with me?!'

'I'm not exactly sure yet.' Emily said quietly. Would you mind if we tried again?'

Christina was a bit apprehensive, but this was why she came here, so she agreed.

She sat back and Emily pulled out the pendant again.

'Watch the pendant...' Emily chanted and very soon, Christina was hypnotized again; Relaxed in a deep, deep sleep.

'Tell me another of your dreams.' Emily asked.

Christina immediately responded. Her body got stiff and her hands shot back behind her. She began to struggle on the couch.

'Where are you?' Emily asked moving forward.

'I- I'm tied to a chair!' Christina screamed. She seemed even more frantic than she was before.

Emily moved forward and put her hand on her thigh. It was warm and smooth and she could feel Christina trembling in her arms.

'What are you so afraid of?' Emily asked.

'Someone, help me!' Christina cried.

'What are you so afraid of?' Emily asked.

'It's - It's a bomb! And... and I'm tied - I'm tied to a chair and the bomb it's right next to me but I can't move!'

'It's almost time!' Emily cried.

'Call for help. Someone will save you.' Emily said.

'No, I can't - there's a gag in my mouth, a piece of cloth tied in a big ball in my mouth!'

Tick - tick ... Tick - tick ... Tick ... tick

It had all been a trap. The fiendish Viper had tricked her into coming to the warehouse - the single clue left with purpose and with a flick of a switch sent Christina falling through the floor - then gas... gas...

Tick - tick ... Tick - tick ... Tick ... tick

Christina thrashed in her chair; But even with all that effort that actually movement visible was negligible. The Viper had done her job all too well. Bondage was one of her favorite tortures and the ropes encircling Christina soft flesh were mericilessly tight and competely inescapable.

Tick - tick ... Tick - tick ... Tick ... tick

Christina looked at the face of the clock, she only had minutes left. She had been tied in the chair for over two hours now and her time was almost up. She could feel the heat rising from her body. Her catsuit was moist with sweat and the continual stream of drool that spilled uncontrollably from her mouth down between her heaving busom.

Tick - tick ... Tick - tick ... Tick ... tick

She pulled at her wrists again and felt the cruel knots in the crotchrope ratchet even tighter against her soft flesh. The viper's favorite trick... Using her prey's own struggles against her. It hadn't been bad at first - in fact in another circumstance, she might have liked it, but within only a few minutes that changed - now it was torturous - but she had to get free!

Tick - tick ... Tick - tick ... Tick ... tick

Christina flung her head back and screamed but the huge, soft, knot pillow knot inside of her mouth absorbed most of her effort. She looked around her, a new wave of panic coarsing over her.

Tick - tick ... Tick - tick ... Tick ... tick

Even if she was able to get out of the incredible tight ropes, she still wouldn't be able to escape. The cage she was in had no door, just four walls, welded shut. The draping of red on the outside only made it seem that much more evil. She pulled at her hands and screamed again as she felt the knots tighten against her... her eyes fixed on the slowly moving second hand and it crested the arc and slid past the 12 - only two minutes left!

Tick - tick ... Tick - tick ... Tick ... tick

50 seconds - 45... She thrashed in the chair and screamed again - crying at the top of her lungs for someone... anyone... but the gag was too tight - the knot too big in her mouth...

Tick - tick ... Tick - tick ... Tick ... tick

20 seconds left... her panic had turned to utter hysteria. She writhed in her bondage, her movements, which hours before had been slow and calculated were now frantic and utterly deperate - utterly desperate...

Tick - tick ... Tick - tick ... Tick ... tick

'Oh my god!' Christina screamed. 'I- I can't get free!'

'It's almost time!'

'Someone, please help me!'

Tick - tick ... Tick - tick ... Tick ... tick'

It's so tight... I can't move...! I CAN'T MOVE!'

'No one can hear me!... the ball in my mouth... oh please! someone! PLEASE!'

'Christina...' Emily said... 'Five, Four, Three, Four, Five...'

'AGGGGGGHHH!' Christina cried, her eyes fixed on the face of the clock as the final seconds ticked away.

Tick - tick ... Tick - tick ... Tick ... tick'

'NOOOOOO!!!!' Christina screamed, her eyes wide with her utter horror.


Christina shot forward, her eyes still wide with fear. She was drenched in sweat.

'What's happening to me!?' She cried.

'You've been dreaming about being tied up.' Emily said putting her hand on her shoulder. 'This latest one involved some sort of bomb.'

'Oh god, the bomb...' Christina said, putting her hand in head in her hand. 'I've been having that dream for weeks... What does it mean? Why can't I make it stop?'

'Well, that is why you are here.' Emily said. 'That is why your doctor referred you to me. Don't worry, I've seen this sort of thing before...'

Christina lifted her head and smiled weakly. 'You have?'

'Yes... I promise... I will get to the bottom of this...' Emily said, a unusual smile coming to her lips.

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