Sasha Monet and Amber Michaels bondage adventures - 15

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Sasha Monet clamps punished

Amber didn't return for another twenty minutes. By the time she got back Sasha was almost delirious. Amber cut her down and Sasha collapsed on to the ground - and was not able to get back up. Amber didn't have much sympathy however. She she left her wrists tied behind her and then only gave her ten minutes to recover before tying her back up again.

Then, just to make sure Sasha really understood how horrible the nipple clamps that she used on her were, she put them back on her already sore nipples.

Sasha would have complained, but the gag that Amber had tightly applied made that impossible. All that came out was unintelligible squeals.

'C'mon, turn around for me.' Amber said, the corners of her mouth creeping upward into a very wicked smile. 'I know you can do it.'

Sasha whimpered in frustration but obeyed - slowly rocking and turning in a circle in front of her.

Amber listened to the sounds of Sasha's struggles with glee.

But it wasn't the deep moans and whimpers that really turned it on; or even the squeak of the tight rubber around her body as she moved; It was the soft clink of the nipple clamp chain. She knew what that sound meant.

Sasha knew it also - the slightest move sent shockwaves through her nipples like white hot iron.

'Do those nipple clamps hurt?' Amber cooed.

'MMPPPNHAAAaaaa' Sasha whimpered.

'Oh, I bet they do - keep turning....'

'You look so good struggling like that.' Amber continued, touching her as she moved.

'MPPPHHAAA' Sasha moaned, the pain was becoming unbearable and Amber's words on added to her torment.

'That's far enough.' Amber whispered. She moved her hands and touched Sasha's breast ever so lightly. Sasha almost jumped out of her skin. Amber smiled and moved her hand in again.

'MPPPHHHHNNOOO' Sasha cried, trying to pull away.

'You want them off, don't you?' Amber said, in a mock caring sort of way.

Sasha didn't know what to say. Of course she wanted them off, but she knew what that meant also... she closed her eyes and waited...

She flinched again as she felt Ambers hands on her breast - and then screamed into her gag as Amber removed the clamps from her breasts. The blood came rushing back into her nipples and she bent forward - for a second she thought she might pass out, but then the world came sweeping back and Amber was next to her, her soft hands gliding over her skin...

'That's a good girl...' Amber whispered... 'That's a good girl.'

Sasha Monet clamps bondage

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