The mother, the daughter and the inflatable dildo

Free bondage photos blog 14 October 2020

inflatable dildo punished

"No... please!! I'm afraid that you will split my insides - that you will ruin me!"

"No, of course I won't. Anyway, ladies are supposed to enjoy having huge pricks inside them!"

"Mama!! Mama!! They whipped me very badly. Oh, it hurts so much!! Make them untie me! Make them let me go!!"

'You see, dear lady, what your stubborn resistance has provoked us into doing? Your little girl has been given a damned good whipping because of you. And she'll get another one if you don't start co-operating!"

"Please don't whip her any more! I'll do whatever you ask, just leave my daughter alone!"

"Good! Now, open your legs. I'm going to shove this inflatable dildo up your cunt and see how far I can blow it up. I want to stretch that great, big cave of a cunt of yours to the maximum!"

dildo punishment femdom basement

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