Angela curvy blonde bound and gagged

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Angela bondage

Angela wasn't kidding when she told me she was "bound and determined" to land the Sexy Kidnapping Victim role in Alan Smithee's next vaguely fetishy slasher flick: I came home to find the aspiring scream queen bound and gagged on my rug in a tight, skimpy outfit, batting her big bedroom eyes at me.

The curvy blonde couldn't have tied herself up like that alone. As I inspected the thorough rope work, I detected a faint buzzing beneath her shorts, then spied the remote nearby.

"That's cheating, naughty girl," I grinned, switching off the vibrator before I kicked her over and pulled off my belt. "But if you need prompting"

As I whipped Angela's writhing body, she screamed lustily into her ball-gag. It's up to Smithee to cast her, but she's got the part as my newest sex slave.

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