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Suspicious of the odd markings on Emily's skin, I snuck home early To find my sultry blonde wife getting busy with Natali, our sexy redheaded neighbor. Unfazed, Natali invited me to watch—if I was tied up f irst.

Well, hell. I let them rope me into a chair, eager cock bobbing. Then I noticed Emily's chastity belt. All those marks on her—

"Looks like you can wear that twenty-four-seven now, bitch." Natali grinned. "I've got a cock cage for you, too, Scott—since you caught me training your slut wife to be my chastity slave."

My cock swelled in its new steel cage as Natali strapped a dildo gag into Emily's mouth before Emily, hands bound behind her, knelt behind Natali's sweet ass to fuck her until she climaxed.

"You'll both learn to service me before I let either of you come. Could be weeks—even months."

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