The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 61

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Melissa woke up, the morning sun on her face. She blinked, then opened her eyes a little. Ah, her beautiful, frilly, thick bed clothes...her soft, deep, overstuffed bed...!

She stretched luxuriously, still not completely awake, feeling the frmness of her body and the pliancy of her muscles.

Her arms dropped down over the bed clothes. Man, she felt terrifc! Better than she had since she could remember. Her skin felt so cool and smooth... her hair felt so thick and luxurious...her legs felt so long and shapely...and her chest...! She seemed to have grown a cup size overnight.

Roiling in place, she sensed it. Before they were just there: this morning they felt strong and high and full on her upper chest.

Unable to accept the day just yet, Melissa’s lips curled upwards in a closed-eyed smile and her arms sought the warmth beneath the cover for a few moments more. Innocently, dreamily, she let her palms move over her shape, feeling the wonderful thighs, brushing by the soft, silky strawberry thatch, coursing across the magnifcent hip bones, contouring the tiny waist, pressing the fat stomach and then....

And then the breasts: frm, soft, and wide.... Absently she gave them a slight squeeze. Wonderful.

Her brow furrowed slightly. What did that remind her of?

She squeezed slightly again, just a little deeper this time.

A fash went off behind her closed eyes. And in the light she saw something.

Her lovely hands with their perfectly painted red fngernails gripped her chest spasmodically. She saw her breasts being squeezed in her mind’s eye again...but not by her hands....

It all came rushing back like a bucket of ice water. The attack outside dance class. Waking blind, crippled, and mute in the back of a car. The erection plugging her. The cum inside her. The basement mattress. The old woman. The battery run dildo and cum-spurting mouth plug. The forced head. The drugs. The skintight outfts. The vicious high heels. The stringent bondage. The throat stuffng muzzles. The rapes...!

Melissa surged up in a blind panic... nearly strangling herself with the cord tied from the brass headboard to her slim throat.

Dana tried desperately to keep from choking or losing consciousness.

Her eyes were squeezed shut in agony, her hands spasmed, and her legs twisted as they held her down, spread-eagled, on the dirty cellar foor. The vagrant who had attacked her frst now held her head down tightly with his fst brutally clenched in her hair, while slopping booze on the rag stuffed deep into her pried-open mouth.

“You wouldn’t drink it before,” he cursed, “so you gotta take it now, bitch.” The man who had grabbed her before she could escape lay across her, mauling her breasts and slamming his faccid meat against her crotch. “C’mon, you gotta take this too, cunt,” he growled, slamming her hips uselessly.

The others stared at her tuft, forced into view just below her skirt hem by the way they held her ankles wide. The remaining two also stared at her lovely hands as they curled in their savage grip.

The liquid scorched her throat as it dripped, dripped, dripped from the sodden rag. It slid down, burning, into her empty stomach, making her dizzy and weaker.

But even so, there was no mistaking the new sensation between her legs as the bastard finally stopped trying to make his drunken member work.

Her deep brown eyes snapped open and her head jerked, sending electric shocks of pain into her scalp as her initial attacker’s grip didn’t slacken. “Yeah, bitch,” he grunted. “You gonna get off the way we do....” He looked down for her, to where the other man was shoving his bottle deeper and deeper into her vagina.

“Feel that?” the second man hissed as he slid the tapered top in and out, deeper and deeper. “That you can feel, huh, cunt?”

Dana tried to scream, but only got a muffed cry out before the man at her head quickly covered her rag- stuffed mouth with his festering hand. “Fuck, bitch, ain’t nobody gonna hear you,” he cackled. “Not even your nearest neighbors.”

He stared down into her shocked, pain-wracked eyes as she kept trying to scream. “Shit, I been waiting years to get somebody like you...all dressed so nice and special and alone.” He looked at her bountiful chest exposed between her torn open shirt and jacket; and the way her long, tan legs twisted in his friends’ grip. “ ‘N’ the fact yer so young and sexy and stacked and good-looking only adds to it. I sure as hell ain’t gonna let you get away now...!”

Her ass cheeks tensed and came off the cold foor as the bottle slid halfway into her, spreading her vaginal lips into a shocked circle.

Holding her chin in a claw-like hand, the man started pouring booze wholesale into her rag-flled mouth. “If you wanna come, well then you just go right ahead, sweetie. We’ll get you off yet...!”

And the men crawled at her, bringing her limbs with them, bending her legs, holding her arms, putting their knees on her elbows, embracing her shins and thighs...all while grabbing at her tits, twisting her nipples, slobbering in her ears, or scratching at her bea- ver like kids tormenting a captured pet.

The closer they got, the more she struggled, but the more useless it became. She was locked in the middle of their huddle, light-headed, a wine bottle deep in her snatch, clutching at their soiled clothes, making drowning, ever diminishing sounds.

“Anybody got a hard-on yet?” the pourer asked, clamping down on her head and mouth, forcing her teeth to squeeze every last drop of the whiskey down her throat.

They each looked at each other while clasping her all the tighter.

“Bottle’s almost in,” the one at her crotch grunted

“Shit, man,” the frst complained. “We gotta fll her. She gotta get what she deserves...!” He looked to each and fnally started pushing them away. “Fuck, I’ll do it...!”

Pushing her down to the ground with his hand clamped over her lower face, he twisted around until he had climbed on top of her. By the time she realized what was happening, he was between her thighs and the others had pressed her arms to the foor.

His rough, coarse cheek stubble was pressed against her smooth, tan face and his fngers were wedged, like fat worms, across her lips as the bottle was slid from her vagina. In her stupor she knew what was going to happen and began to wail like a little girl who felt herself falling off a swing.

“Shut up, stupid,” he hissed, dragging out his virulent cock. “Man, you sound just like my step-daughter did...!”

She screamed and screamed as it went in, her body spasming, her arms twisting, her head scraping the foor.

“Wow,” he breathed. “Feels like her too....” She started to sob as he started to thrust, and then it all became a body-wracking blur as fngers tore at her thighs, face, and chest.

“I’m coming,” she heard in the distance. “I’m coming...I’m coming...!”

Then came another voice. A voice so low and clear it cut through her intoxication like a knife.

“No, old’re going...right now.” And the bottle that was in her cunt exploded against her rapist’s head.

Dana shut her eyes and averted her face as the man was torn from her. Her survival instinct exploding forth, she covered her face and spun away, hurling herself off the foor.

Still, the booze and assaults had done their work, tripping her up and causing her to slam against the wall. She clutched at the bricks, trying to stay standing, feeling her boobs founcing free in the night air. And then she was able to focus. What she saw seemed too incredible to be true. Two men and a woman were beating the six old derelicts mercilessly. The man who had been raping her had gotten a knee in the face, was then kicked in the balls, and fnally slammed headfrst into the wall.

The man who had invaded her with the bottle had one broken across his face, with the broken end cutting him from stomach to scrotum.

Dana watched in drunken amazement as the remaining four were punched and kicked until they lay motionless on the cellar foor. It had all taken less than two minutes.

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