The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 24

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sperm covered bondage

“There, there,” he said. “That’s much better.” He suddenly moved very fast, unclipping her wrists from the handcuffs, dragging her to a sitting position, and wrenching one arm up her back -- making her gasp in pain and surprise. Suddenly her hands were handcuffed behind her. And then her feet were uncuffed. Before she could react, he threw her face down to the mattress.

She felt him grab her ankles. She heard the handcuffs click again. Suddenly she was lying on her side, the links of the cuffs between each other. She was bent in a backwards 0. in a steel hogtie, her mouth flled and her lips sealed. Then he clipped the last handcuff from the joined links between her ankles and wrists to the ring in the foor at the base of the mattress.

Melissa called out and struggled simply to expend the fear and shame inside her. He looked down at the tight, frm, shapely nineteen-year-old with the white skin and full red hair as she shook and twisted and pulled and begged.

“Not this time,” he said, pulling the pillowcase off the cushion. He snapped it over her head, then used her tattered leggings to tie the base around her neck. That only heightened Melissa’s struggles.

He backed off, enjoying her increasingly frenetic pleadings, but he knew something was still missing. He remembered what his mother said last night ... about occupying her with something other than scraping off her gag. He raced over to the still sopping wet gag cloth, kneeled beside her, grabbed one knee and yanked it up. Then he stuffed the cloth into her cunt, just far enough to keep it in there. “There,’ he said. “That ought to keep you busy.” Then he watched as she stiffened, tried to see through the pillow cover, then began alternately opening and rubbing her legs for all she was worth. She reared up, her back arching, and her fngers reaching agonizingly for the cloth, but ... she ... just ... couldn’t .. quite ... make it.

He watched her collapse then try again, then collapse, then try again. Finally she started opening, then rubbing her legs together.

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