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Free bondage photos blog 22 February 2021

I was enjoying my day off by indulging in some much needed crossdressing. I do not get the opportunity very often so I dress every chance I get. I was surfing the internet when the front door opened and my wife and best friend walked into the room. It would do no good to run for the bedroom as they were between me and it. I stood as they saw me and both gasped at the same instant. My wife says "And just what do we have here? I thought you might be up to something like this, when I find my things not were I put them away and some of my clothes being stretched out. Just what do you have to say for yourself?" I open my mouth to speak but the words just don't present themselves. My wifes friend says "He does make a pretty girl. Lets have a little fun and teach him a lesson. You've told me that you to like to indulge in bondage so go and get your things." My wife heads off the the bedroom but first tells me to stay put or I will regret it. Still in a state of shock I just stand there. She returns with our box of things and both of them take out the rope and begin tying me up. They seem to be really enjoying themselves and are tying me up really tight. In only a few minutes they have my trussed up tight. I try my best to wiggle and squirm to get free but it does no good. I start to complain to them to let me go and my wife responds by knotting up a scarf, putting it in my mouth, and tying it tightly behind my head, effectively gagging me so that everything just sounds like Mmmph Mmmph Mmmph. My wifes friend lays back on the couch and says "Go and get your camera, we need pictures, something we can use as blackmail, I don't know about you but this is quite fun and we should do this more often but I somehow think he might object. With pictures he wont be able to refuse or they just might wind up all over if Facebook page." I must say this is fun, I will get my camera and be right back." She comes back and they take what seems likes hundreds of pictures. When done they both start fondling me and kissing me. I find myself getting very aroused by the attention. Things get pretty steamy after a while and my wife say "Lets take him into the bedroom and see what other fun we can have. My wifes friend unties my ankles and they life me off of the couch and escort me into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom the push me down onto the bed and disappear into the closet. I struggle to get free but it does no good. Pretty soon they both come back into the room dressed as domina-trix in black latex. I think I am in for an interesting evening.

Both ladies have an evil look in their eyes. My wife closes the door and both ladies approach me and the rest is up to you, let your imagination run wild.

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