The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 25

Free bondage photos blog 25 October 2020

Smiling, he took the heavy, soft blanket and snapped it up so it foated down, over her entire body. He watched her form moving frenetically under the cover for a few seconds, then headed for the stairs.

“Have a nice day,” he said.

Dana was just as he had imagined her. He was flled with consideration and sympathy as he approached her. He gently cupped his hand under her head and over her cheek. He sat down behind her. Then he even more carefully lifted her up and laid her across his lap.

He placed the back of her head on his shoulder and reached around to either side, his fngers gripping the two-inch swath of the mini-short sleeves. With an even tug, he pulled the sleeves down her arms until the Velcro snapped off her nipples and the neckline released her tits.

He felt her start, and wake up. He heard her long, low, agonized call for help -- her back arching off his chest, her head going back on his shoulder. Then his fngers were deep in her succulent tits, his head was lowered onto her throat, and he hugged her to him.

He stayed that way for some time, slowly kneading her breasts like bread dough as she moaned and undulated. Only then did he release her right tit and move his hand slowly down to her cunt. He touched the panty right where the rope disappeared into her cunt lips. She jerked in place, and he laughed quietly. The panty was completely soaked through. He scratched and rubbed that for awhile, his other hand taking turns on her tits, as she trembled in his grasp and wept.

She tried to relieve the pressure in her loins, but the ropes held her ankles to her thighs. She tried to avoid his fngers, but the crotch rope dug deep into her hipbones, sinking them in a groove she couldn’t eliminate. It pulled up her dress hem to just over her cunt lips. The panty was nothing but more stimulation now, only protecting her from the rawness of the rope.

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