Bus cuffed and fucked

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redhead bondage

My pulse quickens when Stefan locks the handcuffs on behind my back as the bus approaches. Everyone gawks as he leads me to a vacant seat, where he puts his tongue down my throat and gropes my bare boobs. Then he forces my legs open and invites the guy behind us to grope my pussy. “She's wet!" he laughs.

Stefan pulls out his huge cock and pushes my head down on it. My cheeks burn as I have to deep-throat him, gacking as I do. Cameras click around us.

Next, he pulls me up so he can cuff my wrists to the handrail. Everyone on the bus watches as Stefan finger-fucks me and spanks my sexy ass before he plunges his cock deep into me.

Finally, the driver orders him off the bus. "Not her," he says. "Keep your slut locked to the rail. Once I finish my route, I'll really punish her skanky ass."

redhead bondage punishment handcuffs bondage sex

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