Pink micromini and black stockings bound and gagged

Free bondage photos blog 19 December 2020

Pink bikini gagged droolong

Rolling on E and totally into the electronica, Chrissie strutted into the rave rocking her pink micromini and black stockings. That attracted Raoul, who, between keeping up with the hot blonde on the dance floor and keeping her hydrated, got his tongue deep in her mouth.

And when Chrissie got woozy, he guided her to a back room, far from the pounding music. When she asked why he was winding rope around her, Raoul told her it was to hold her up.

"Good idea," Chrissie nodded dully. "But I'm thirsty again."

"Try this drool ball, sexy." He strapped the ball-gag in snugly.

With Chrissie now tightly bound and gagged, Raoul took out his cell. "Hey, vato! I just caught a hot chica blanca f lyin’ on E! Get the guys over here—we gonna fuck this puta all night, man!” Chrissie moaned on Ecstasy.

ball-gag drooling crotchrope blonde bondage

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