Tied against the gate

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Christine lost the bet...

She said she could handle paying all the bills this month on time but as predicted, she did her 'usual' which was indulging in some retail therapy. So because of her irresponsibility, she was punished by being tied up outside for the afternoon.

"How hard can this be", she thought? "So Iím tied up for a while in the warm sun. He'll probably just set me down in a deck chair and let me go after an hour. He always caves."

But he had had enough of the late charges and extra money he had to spend every month. She had gone too far this time, and she was going to pay...dearly!

So you can imagine her surprise when he tied her wrists together behind her back and led her to the front gate. "What the hell?!...you can't leave me here...everyone will see me!", she said nervously.

But before she could try to get away he pushed her back up against the gate, pulled her elbows through the slots and lashed them together Then he untied her wrists, pulled them through as well, and also tied them together tight.

Now that she wasn't gong anywhere, he began wrapping more rope than he had ever used on her before around her ankles, her knees, and around her waist. Then he used more rope to basically weld her arms to the gate...weaving it in and out and cinching it all together. While it wasnít painfully tight, it was incredibly confining. Her chest was thrust forward because of her arms being pinned to the gate.

He undid her blouse and left her bra exposed. She cursed the fact that she wore her front hooking bra. But she was starting to hope he would take them out and play with them a bit. After all, her nipples were rock hard by now and needed some attention. But she was preoccupied by the fact that no matter how hard she tried, she was securely tied up tight! Every time she shifted her weight back and forth on her high heels all she managed to do was stoke the fire that was burning between her legs. If she was to stay like this, she hoped he would make it worth her while.

"Oh my god...I can't move at all!," she said in a frustrated, defeated tone. Looking over each shoulder, she couldn't see the ropes, but she sure could feel them. He added a crotch rope to 'keep her busy* and gave her a well packed and well taped mouth to keep her quiet. Some frantic struggling, a few'mummphs* and moans and her heels clicking on the walkway is all that was heard. And done just In time.

She forgot they were selling their home...and it was 'Open Houseí day! And up the sidewalk came the first of many potential buyers.

And many more lookers.

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