Gagged bondage pissing

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bondage pissing

Come here bitch, get nice and close so every drop gets on you and that pretty little face of yours. I'll really give you something to blush about.

You think you're all that, don't you? Just because your last school's swim team were regional champions? Well let me tell you, in this school's swimming team we do things a little bit differently, and we make sure that bitches like you get put in their place.

Aw look at her squirm and shriek, I don't think she likes it, girls! Well that's just too bad, because I've still got lots left, and I'm only the first in line!

I hope that little gag of yours doesn't let any of my reeking piss in that pristine mouth of yours, always so clean and polite, you're such an ass kisser. In fact, that gives me an idea for later, but first things first, I have to finish up so that the next girl can take her turn...

Well there's a new expression on your face! If I didn't know better, I'd say you were upset, maybe even angry! But a goody-two-shoes like yourself could never be angry, you're always so kind and soft-spoken. I bet you'd even thank me and ask for more if I ungagged you right now!

Either way, that's exactly what you're getting. You're already drenched in piss and starting to reek, and there are still 6 more girls to go!

pissing humilation

cleave gagged humilation

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