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leather hobble dress bondage

It's Friday night and my girlfriend is going out with friends. She tells me not to wait up that she will be out late and kisses me goodbye. I decide to take the opportunity to have a little fun myself. I want to try out the new all in one hobble dress armbinder I bought for her. We are close in size so should be no problem. I put on a pair of tight latex panties, some pantyhose, my bosy briefer and then insert my DD breast forms. The dress will be no problem to zip but the armbinder will be tough. I need to be able to get in and out of it so I hang a string from a eye bolt in the ceiling with a small snap hook on the other end to use as a zipper pull. I pull on the hobble dress and zip it up, it is really tight. My arms are sticking out behind me through the unzipped armbinder. I position myself under the cord and attach it to the zipper on the armbinder. I put my arms in the armbinder and slowly back away bending forward a little as I do and I feel the zipper start to creep upwards. I soon have the zipper almost all the wat to the top but it is an extremely tight fit. With one last good tug I feel the zipper go all the way to the top. I turn to the left to look in the mirror and am amazed at how sexy I look in the outfit. I playfully test my bondage and it is very secure. I then notice something hanging down to my right. I turn to look at it and it is the string for the zipper pull. That last tug pulled the knot out and it was not attached anymore. I panic and struggle frantically but it is no use, I am stuck like this until my girlfriend gets home. To make matters worse I can only take two inch steps due to the restrictive hobble dress. There is no way I can climb the stairs to the bedroom so I plop down on the couch and await my fate. Fortunate for me shen knows and encourages my crossdressing and we are both into bondage so I should not be in too much trouble. I must have dozed off and am awakened by my girlfriend. I look up at her and say “Hi Honey". She tells me to stand up and gives me a look over. She says “Someone has been naught and gotten themselves into a bind. You wait right here, I am going to go change into something more appropriate." I smile and think to myself as she returns to the room with a devilish look on her face that this will be a night to remember.

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