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Free bondage photos blog 20 August 2021

"Oh my god Chrissy, this chair is awesome. I can see why you love this BDSM stuff so much"

"I can't move an inch! And I'm loving the idea that the controller on the seat can shock these plugs inside me, it's enough to make even the most unwilling slave into an obedient pussy licking chair"

"Oh crap, Chrissy! It's 4pm, your Mistress will be home soon"

"Chrissy? .. Chrissy! I'll be in trouble if she catches me here!"

*Struggles uselessly*

"CHRISSY! Please, this isn't funny. You promised I could just give it a go while your Mistress was out. I don't like this kinky stuff as much as you do!"

* Door opens*

"My, my, what do we have here? A new slave to train?"

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