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Amy Hesketh

A young woman whom trouble seems prone to find and punish at every opportunity; she survives, I'm pleased to say. Looks like she was careless again, was seized, bound, whipped and dragged off for execution. What a waste . . . ! Amy Hesketh is an actress / movie director, if not one of the Hollywood glitterati. She features in low-budget movies where she's abused dreadfully, but comes back for more! She's unafraid of nudity, happy to show breasts, butt and bush, to be bound, stretched, hanged and subjected to treatment others would refuse, in the interest of art and realistic portrayal. I can't really fault her for commitment to the projects; I just wish I could find bigger images and lots more of them. She's of indeterminate age so I'll have to class her as young and attractive, attractively young perhaps. No teenie for sure, so I'll put her with the MILFs, for she'll go on into her forties and fifties successfully doing the same sort of work - and with looks to die for. What's not to like . . . ?

Amy Hesketh whipped Amy Hesketh bound

whipped tortured punishment spanking

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