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It's 6:00 pm on Friday and Ms. Wallace is in the closed shop being stripped naked.

Wearing only red patent leather boots, the hard driving owner of the shop, who inherited it from her father less than a year ago, is being hoisted up to dangle naked like some lewd sacrifice, spread wide open to expose her most shameful parts to the leering eyes of the men and women who work for her and do her bidding five days a week. Her bare ass will be whipped, paddled, fondled and spanked for about an hour as she writhes and cries for mercy. Everyone knows that she is to receive NO mercy. Those are her own orders.

She will be fingered and teased while she BEGS to be allowed to orgasm, but of course there will be no orgasm, only catcalls and ridicule, and more spankings for her sore red ass. Again, her orders. They work her over real good, enjoying every minute of it!

When Katherine's father owned the plant, she used to go to Happy Hour every Friday after the shop closed. Now that she's the boss, Happy Hour comes to HER.

punishment whipped spanking humilation boots bondage

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