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"Come on, Tiffany, let the boys see how you play with your little cunt. Heheh! I told them how you love playing with yourself. They want to see it for themselves. Come on, finger that little button of yours so they can see you doing it. Stick your tongue out all the way and wiggle it at the boys while you play with your little clitty. Don't be shy now! Keep your eyes open I Look right at them while you're doing it. If you don't make them happy then I'll give you another spanking, this time right in front of them! Do you want Tommy to see you get a spanking too? Heheheh..."

"She has a huge crush on you, Tommy. Isn't that pathetic? Too bad you already have a girlfriend. Hey, do you think Shellie would like to see this too? Text her, Tommy! Tell her to come over right now if she wants a good laugh. And bring a couple of her friends too. The ones who hate Tiffany! That ought a be fun... Let's go Tiffy. Play with your sloppy cunt in front oft he boys. In front of Tommy! Hahaha!"

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