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Marco has just finished tying Maria's ankles together on the serving platter. A single loop around her neck to her ankles and she'll be helpless. Next, he'll give her 150 hard slaps of the wooden spoon on each ass cheek before he wheels her, sobbing, pleading, and completely hairless into the main dining room as the centerpiece for Frankie's victory party!

Frankie is celebrating his ultimate victory over Maria. Now that he legally owns her ass, this is only the beginning of the incredible humiliations that he has planned for her!

Maria will spend the evening sobbing in the humiliation of her complete and utter defeat, being laughed at by former friends and current enemies, wiggling and squirming, begging on the very edge of a drug-induced super-orgasm, without being allowed to actually cum I She'll scream and offer to fuck animals... pigs, dogs...anything! Just for one blessed orgasm! Of course she won't get one. She'll just stew in her own 'girl' juices.

Frankie will contact even more people from Maria's past, especially her teen years, and throw an even bigger party next Saturday!

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