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This is a picture of the formerly arrogant Elizabeth Westfield's ass taken on the first night of her blackmail and slavery, nearly a year ago. It was the last time her ass was not reddened and crisscrossed with red stripes.

This photo doesn't express the angst and fear of the young socialite. In fact, Elizabeth's stomach was heaving and her sobs and pleas for mercy filled the air, as the ever present camera shutter clicked open for 1/50 of a second, adding more and more damning photos and clips to the quickly-increasing mountain of blackmail that was holding Elizabeth in the greedy clutches of her vicious and vengeful new owner. The very same young woman that Elizabeth had tormented all through college for being 'socially inferior' to her. The pecking order has now changed...

It was a very long and humiliating night for the once proud and spoiled Miss Westfield, yet it absolutely pales when compared to the degradation and shame the slave now displays every day and night as she kneels, naked and spread, head to the floor and ravaged red ass up in the air. She cries and stutters as she plays with her widely spread pussy and ass, begging for just one orgasm! All for the pitiful amusement she provides to her former friends and rivals.

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