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"Yes, take off your socks too. When you are through I want you to lean back and lie down on the table... I'll move your suitcase... then bring both of your knees up till they nearly touch your nipples then spread them wide apart.... a little wider please."

"I'm sorry, but is this really necessary? I'm just coming back from a two day trip to Canada..."

"I assure you that this is absolutely necessary. Please do not resist or you will be arrested."

"Sorry Miss...err, M'am... err... I was only asking because I already went through security..."

"That was the STATE security check. This is the FEDERAL Homeland security checkpoint. I can see that you are going to be difficult. I will have to handcuff your wrists to your ankles."

"Ohh! I'm so sorry, M'am! I won't resist! You don't have to... Oh my goodness! I feel just like a roast chicken up here! It'ssooo embarrassing!"

"Hmmm... I can see that you are a natural blonde, Miss Enders. I will have to perform an orifice check, and photograph the results for your file, because of your resistance. Please cooperate or I will have to punish you. My leather belt is quite sturdy..."

"Oh! I'm sorry! I'll cooperate, just please lock the door. I don't want anybody to see me!"

"I'm sorry, but I will need a witness to the inspection... Miss

Johnson! Will you please join us in here?"

The totally naked blonde did indeed look like a rotisserie chicken, and a deep blush reddened her face, neck, and her chest. She bit her lip and obeyed. She didn't even wonder why this Federal security check was being done in the back room of a concession stand, or why the 'assistant' was the snarky cashier. She kept her mouth shut and tried not to look at the camera phone that the officer was using to take picture after picture of all of her most intimate areas. Hey... wait a minute... camera phone? The terrified blonde was confused but she figured she shouldn't ask any more questions unless she wanted to feel that wicked looking black leather belt across her tiny pale ass. Y'know... this inspector was kind of cute in her little black skirt and white blouse... So stern and commanding! Best not think of that now or her nipples would start puckering up! Ooops! Too late for that!

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