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Free bondage photos blog 7 December 2021

Wonder Woman has the last laugh on Cat Woman. She taunts the drugged morsel, who is fully conscious but has very little muscular control:

"Let's see. Should I gag you with this apple, like a little piggy, or should I leave it out and listen to your little kitten mewls as you cook? Hahahaha!" She steps back and uses her mighty palm to slap the ass of the fallen villainess, several times, causing red blotches to appear on the white, upturned ass of the Cheeky Cheetah.

Relax, worried fans. Your heroine has not turned murderess. She has no intention of turning the Cat Woman into a 'Roasted Pussy'. The heat is set to only be uncomfortable and give a heck of a sunburn.

Poor Kitty will be taken out and 'basted and spanked' several times over the next couple of hours, before she is left, shamefully trussed, on the doorstep of Commissioner Gordon. He and his friends Batman and Robin will know best how to punish this Pernicious Pussycat!

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