His houseguest pays her rent - bondage photos

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When Jonathan's older sister Melanie fell into extreme debt and begged him to take her in, he agreed... subject to a few 'conditions'. Remembering what an arrogant bitch she was, and how she treated him, and 'teased' him, after he went through puberty, Jonathan insisted that his desperate sister adhere to his strict 'dress code' in his house. She has lived with him now for two months.

After cooking his meal tonight, she strips off her apron, stockings and pumps and then reluctantly 'presents' her naked body for her younger brother's smug viewing. After he is satisfied, she flips over onto her hands and knees to wait for his nerdy friends, Frankie, Tommy, and Gayle to arrive. They always enjoy playing with Melanie. Sometimes they tease her little 'cunny' to tears. Sometimes they take turns spanking her ass to pathetic begging sobs. Tonight they are bringing another 'old friend' of Melanie's over and they'll probably wind up doing both!

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