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Owww! Owww! PLEASE, I'm sorry! Don't hurt me!

"Shut UP you fat bitch! I'll show you sorry! I'm gonna tie you up like a hog, face down with that big fat ass of yours sticking up in the air! Then I'm gonna get the scissors and cut off every stitch of clothes you have on till you're a big fat naked HOG with its ass up in the air! A BALD hog! HAHAHAH!"

"PLEASE! NO! I-I'll do anything! Pleeease!"

"I said SHUT UP! You're not going anywhere and you're not going to do anything, except suffer. SUFFER!! I'm gonna beat that big fat naked ass of yours, and whip it, till it looks like a skinned tomato! And I'm gonna KEEP it that way. Then I'm gonna work that big fat ugly CUT of yours till you're creaming and crying in NEED so bad you'll PISS yourself. And I'm gonna do it ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. From the time I wake up in the morning till the time I go to sleep at night with a big happy grin on my face, I'm gonna work that fat clit of yours and whip that ass. And you'll NEVER 'cum' again! NEVER!! You'll want to. You'll wiggle that big fat ass of yours all day long, and clench those fat cheeks together, but you'll never cum! And I'll feed you stuff that will KEEP your ass fat and flabby so it makes me laugh as it's wiggling and shaking all daylong! HAHAHAHAH!"

"Nooooooo! Please! Oh God! No! please... please... please no...."

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