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The Beginning

"Hey, Mark," Jake said as he opened the door. "Thanks for stopping by." I shook my best friend’s hand firmly, realizing I wouldn’t be seeing him for some time.

"I had to stop and say goodbye one more time. It’s going to be weird not hanging out with you." For a moment, as I walked into their house, we both reflected. We had graduated from high school together a year ago, both having decided to take a year off, me to save money and Jake to setup his new house. That year had passed and now I was finally off to college across the country. Jake had bought a house out of town with the inheritance money his grandfather had left him, and had no plans of going to school, at least not yet.

As he led me into the living room of the large wood and rustic home, I cautiously looked for Tawney, my little sister. Jake had practically grown up with her as well, though he claims he barely noticed her until his Junior year. She was two years younger than us, having just graduated from high school herself. I still felt weird that she and Jake had gotten together, though it turned out they seemed to be made for each other.

As Jake motioned for me to make myself comfortable, and sat himself, he lifted a small bell on the side table, ringing it. I looked to the kitchen and watched as Tawney reluctantly approached. I had always thought my sister was cute, and as we both reached our teens, we had explored a little sexually together, but nothing to make the censors panic. Mostly innocent "you show me and I'll you show" stuff. I hadn't really thought of her as a sexy girl, though most of my friends did, and took extra effort to let me know how hot she was. I actually was sure that a few of the guys that hung out with me did so just to see her more often. When she and Jake started hanging out together our Junior year, I didn't notice much, but soon I realized they had something uniquely in common. As kids we used to play cowboys and Indians a lot, largely because Tawney would want to be an Indian maiden that I could capture. I remember her criticizing me for my rope ties, telling me she could get out too easy. I knew then that she was into bondage and when I discovered Jake was warm to the idea himself, they seemed perfect for each other. I just couldn’t get over the idea that she had decided to become a real, fulltime slave to him.

As she entered the room, I could see her fighting the urge to slink off, until Jake commanded her.

"Stand up properly." She quickly obeyed. That was the first time I noticed her as someone other than my little sister. At 18 years old, she was a 5'6" brunette elf of a girl, petite. She wore a schoolgirl’s outfit, with a very short skirt, sheer stockings, garter belt and very high pumps. Her legs seemed to go for miles in those shoes, disappearing into a barely-hidden round ass beneath the pleated skirt that seemed just a suggestion of fabric hanging low on her hips. She was wearing a tight white blouse that curved to the shape of her small 32C breasts, tying at the midriff to expose her flat, sexy stomach. I think the shirt was two sizes too small, with her breasts pressing hard against the fabric. The material was extra sheer as well, so I could clearly see how round and lovely her chest was. Around her neck she wore a snug leather collar with a tiny padlock holding it on. Her hair was in pigtails, with bows that matched her skirt.

"Say hello to your brother, Tawney," Jake ordered. Tawney hesitated then dropped to her knees. It was evident that Jake had taught her a unique way to greet male guests, but the thought that it was her own brother made her hesitate. Jake wasn't pleased, reaching out to spank her hard on her exposed ass cheek. "What are you waiting for," he demanded. Tawney, her face flushing red, let her eyes drop as she crawled over to me. Her head pressed against my closed knees until I instinctively opened them. She pressed forward until her face was against my crotch. I was sure she could feel my raging hard on, and though I was embarrassed myself that this was my little sister, I couldn't help my own hormones. She cautiously yet firmly kissed my cock through my stretching jeans, then slid back and kissed my shoes.

After greeting Jake in the same manner, she turned and kneeled at his feet, knees spread, back straight, her wrists crossed behind her. She was learning quickly.

"When do you think you’ll be back," Jake asked, absentmindedly stroking Tawney’s neck.

"I doubt I can afford many trips. Probably next summer."

tentacle invasion

"You have to promise to visit. You can see how quickly Tawney is learning to be a proper submissive." I nodded, trying to hide my own excitement at the concept. I could see her face flush in embarrassment, knowing her brother would see her transformation into a slave. I also knew that she liked it. As she and Jake began to date, I had caught her in the bathroom one morning before school struggling to push an anal plug up her ass. After we both got over our shock, she had confided in me that it was more than just the bondage and submission, but also the humiliation and degradation of it all that turned her on. Jake was taking advantage of that early, commanding her to do things most of her classmates would find unbearable. At first he made her go to school without panties while wearing short skits. By our Senior year, when Tawney was still only 16 years old, Jake had begun sneaking her off to the city and hiring her out as a stripper, and soon he had her doing bachelor parties as well, leading her into a crowd of horny men in nothing more than a school girl outfit, on the end of a leash. He was fully controlling her by her senior year, and she loved every minute of it.

Later that evening, after a nice dinner, which Tawney served to us in her little outfit, she was left in the living room with me while Jake went to pick out a couple good cigars. For what seemed like ages we just sat there, me in a soft chair and her on the floor, kneeling, her knees wide and wrists crossed behind her, chin lowered in that submissive pose. I'm sure she was told to avoid eye contact unless commanded, but that was probably a helpful rule now. I imagined she was feeling my eyes on her, examining her and wondering what she was getting in to. She was profile to me. I could see the curve of her body, her gentle, delicate, crossed wrists and her long, dark hair cascading over her shoulders, down her back. It was easy now to forget she was related to me as my lust for this submissive woman kicked into high gear. Just to interrupt my own stares, I broke the silence.

"Pretty weird, huh," I said. For a second she hesitated, not sure if I was talking to her. But soon she felt the silence grow and realized she needed to respond.

"What do you mean… sir?" I heard the awkwardness in her answer. I was her brother, just a couple years older than her and someone she used to spend hours harassing. Now her orders told her to refer to any man as Sir. I could almost see her face flush.

"You becoming a real slave. I mean, are you really into this?"

"You know how much I like all this, M--, I mean, sir."

"Yeah, but Jake can get pretty intense. He and I have talked a lot about what his dreams are for a real slave girl. Whatever you agree to, he'll give you more than you can expect." I could see her thinking about this a little, her chin dropping a bit. Knowing she was breaking a rule, she turned her eyes to me. Her look was earnest and I had trouble looking back.

"I've dreamt of this for years, Mark. I'm not experienced enough to know all the stuff that can be done, but I'm willing to take that chance with Jake. I want to push my own limits, too." She held her gaze just long enough to convey her need for approval, and a subtle nod from me gave her what she needed. She smiled lightly, then turned away, returning to her submissive mode. Jake's voice startled both of us.

"I finally found these awesome Cubans I've been saving!."

Year One

The cab dropped me off at the gate and I slipped in when the door buzzed. I waited for a few minutes, wondering if Jake were coming down with a car, then just grabbed my one bag and headed to the house. The driveway was a lit path nearly 1/2 a mile long, which reminded me just how big their estate was. But the journey gave me time to prepare for seeing my sister. Over the past year I had talked to Jake only via email, and though I'd often ask how her training was going, he offered little detail other than a casual "fine", before changing the subject to a question about school. I wanted to strangle him for asking me such mundane questions when all I wanted to hear about was Tawney's slow transformation. As kids we had read many stories about extreme submission. All, we were quite certain, were fiction but the images they conjured up made both of us long for a beautiful young lady that would give herself to us. My search had failed in the short time I tried, but Jake had found his clay, so to speak, and I desperately wanted to know how the molding was going.

The long walk up the driveway took 10 minutes, but soon I was at the house. I rang the doorbell, and quickly the door opened. Jake grabbed me and gave me a hug.

"Great to see you, Mark! Come in!" He grabbed my bag and pulled me inside. I was glad to see him and tired from a long year at school. His house and his friendship were a welcome sight.

"I’m sorry I didn’t meet you at the gate," he said, pulling me into the living room. "I had to administer some punishment, as you'll see. I can't put these things off. Training, you know." I nodded in only partial understanding.

"No big deal," I said, shaking his hand again. "I’m just glad to see you."

"Me, too." We both just smiled a minute longer as we savored the moment, before he gestured to a chair for me to sit. "How about a drink?"

"Sure," I said. Jake grabbed the familiar bell again and rang. This time, the sound of steps came sooner, though the walk was strangely slow, with the sound of jingling accompanying it. I looked to the doorway to see Tawney approaching, letting out a slight gasp of surprise at the sight. Gone was the cute little girl of last time, or of my childhood. Tawney was strangely tall and statuesque, and as I looked at her feet, I could see why. Formed into a severe en pointe position, the shoes she wore appeared seamless and form fitting. The harsh point they formed seemed to also mold her thighs and legs into a perfect shape. Wide steel cuffs, clearly custom fit to her ankles, held a short three inch piece of chain between them, limited her steps to tiny bits. Additional cuffs circled her thighs just above the knee. These were locked together; a tiny pivot between them allowing enough flex, but making each step even harder. Dangling from between her legs two rubber inflation bulbs stuck out from between her thighs in the back, hinting to more interesting things inside of her. Her waist was constricted by a harsh leather corset, reducing her already slender figure to a true hourglass shape. Jake caught my gaze.

"17 inches," he offered. Her breasts seemed to have grown as well, perhaps double in size to last year, and the sharp contrast between tiny waist and larger breasts left a stunning image.

"Even before you saw her last time, I put her on a breast hormone," Jake said. "She’s now a 32DD." They were large for her body, their lovely shape bulging out to the sides, though unlike implants, these seemed to carry the lovely slope that made a woman's breast so wonderful. At the nipple, thick rings pierced the base, with shiny rods sunk halfway along their length. At the end, tiny rings pierced the tip, where similarly tiny bells dangled from short, delicate chains, making the pleasant jingling sound I had heard earlier. I couldn't see her arms at all, assuming they were pulled together behind her.

Tawney made her way into the room and caught my eye. I guess my face said it all as my mouth hung open in awe. She blushed slightly, returning her gaze downward. I couldn't help but examine each lovely attribute my little sister now possessed. She was an amazing sight, both statuesque and beautiful while also so changed and obviously controlled. I could feel my head spin in excitement. Jake let me enjoy her for a moment, then stood.

"Turn around," he ordered, and Tawney quickly obeyed. As she did, I could see that her elbows touched, locked together as closely as her wrists. A wide steel collar, matching the others, was locked snuggly to her neck. I was impressed by the craftsmanship as well as the seemingly seamless nature of the metal. Jake released her arms, chaining them back together in front of her with only a small piece of chain between. As she got on her hands and knees to crawl to me, I couldn't help but enjoy her new and amazingly lovely breasts that dangled below her body, the tiny bells jingling for additional attention. As she got closer, I caught sight of the thick nose ring fit into her septum. Her long, soft hair fell across her shoulders as she approached, pushing her head between my legs and kissing my once again firm cock. This time she lingered a bit more, gripping my rock hard member through the thin fabric of the dress pants I wore. I gasped audibly as she did, looking down to see my quite modified little sister with her head pressed against me. I could feel something more than just her tongue and though I didn't want her to stop, I reached down and pulled her chin up. I could see that Jake had also pierced her tongue, a series of seven studs down either side as well as a grommet near the tip, through which a thicker ring now dangled. I let go of her face and she returned to nuzzling my cock as I struggled to avoid releasing inside my pants. Thankfully (and disappointingly) she pulled away soon, moving down to kiss my shoes as well. As she crawled to Jake, I got a good shot of her bare crotch devoid of hair, the two inflatable dildos pressed firmly inside of her, and now sporting a ring from her clit.

As she performed her ritual with Jake, I found my breath shortening and my face flushing. I wasn't sure I was supposed to be feeling these feelings of lust for my own little sister. But trained, controlled and clearly modified as she was now, I had trouble separating my passion for bondage and submission with the fact that my own sibling was fulfilling this passion.

Once she kneeled beside him, I was grateful that Jake put a stop to the small talk. "Let's have dinner. I'm starving!" I nodded and stood, following my friend into the other room, fighting the urge to peek back at the clicking heels of my slavegirl sister.

After a year of school I was glad that Jake had asked me to stay for a month. I dreaded going home to my family and though I couldn't escape for the entire summer, I could easily make an excuse to visit my sister and best friend. For obvious reasons Tawney hadn't kept in close contact with our family and I had become the go-between for them. She had always had trouble getting along with our parents, thus the situation wasn't unexpected. It wasn't until this visit that I began to realize it would become nearly impossible for her to call them anyway. In a brief attempt to talk with her in private, I discovered the extensive tongue piercings had modified her speech patterns to the point that she no longer liked to talk.

Other than the idea that we had our own slavegirl to wait on us and entertain any passing whim, the time with Jake was wonderful. His property was expansive and I found I could just as easily take a long walk through the grounds with nothing to disturb me as much as lay out in the sun by the pool for hours on end. I found that Jake enjoyed my use of the pool area and found ways to provide distractions when he could. Often he would simply dress Tawny in several snug layers of transparent rubber, then attach her nose ring to an overhanging chain. As the sun beat down on her I would watch her both sweat profusely as well as moan in discomfort from the intense heat that tended to build up inside. Sometimes he would leave her unhooded and I could see the tears pour from her eyes as she suffered clearly for me, and other times he hooded her with rubber as well, adding to the torture. Then the entertainment was watching her dance in her ballet heels as she tried to turn away from the sun and its relentless pounding.

On the first night of my visit, after we had enjoyed dinner, Jake had shown me to a guestroom, a lavishly appointed suite that rivaled not just my dorm room but nearly the entire dorm floor. It hadn't take me long to fall to sleep, not only from the comfort of the soft sheets but also from a year of intensive study that had lead me close to exhaustion. Sometime during the night I remember having the most wonderful dream, a continuation of short-lived experience at school with a sorority girl. But soon the dream woke me and I could feel that not all of it was my imagination. Beneath the sheets I could feel a pierced tongue licking my already hard cock. I pushed back the sheets to reveal Tawney. Still in corset and ballet heels, her otherwise naked yet pierced body was between my legs. Her arms were bound behind her, elbows touching as well as wrists, with her hands locked into a tight ball of rubber. Clearly she had crawled in to the room, then slid under the covers. As I looked down at her, she lifted her body up to look back. I could see a strange mixture of humiliation and submissiveness on her face and could certainly understand part of it. Here was my little sister, who only a few years ago seemed so young and innocent. Now, her body pierced and controlled, she was kneeling between my legs, sucking her big brother's cock. I could see her eyes welling up, and as we starred at each other, a single tear slid down her cheek.

"Master ordered me to pleasure you," she nearly whispered, her voice now oddly lisping as the metal mounted in her tongue limited her speech. I knew from the pleading look on her face that she half hoped I would tell her to go away, so she could report to Jake that I had refused her. I smiled, stroking her cheek gently, before slipping my finger through her nose ring and yanking on it hard. She cried out in pain.

"Then what are you waiting for, slut," I demanded. "And who gave you permission to be on my bed." I used her nose ring as a handle, dragging her off the bed. She sank to her knees in pain and fear. Releasing the piercing I slipped off the side of the bed, my legs now straddling her.

"Now let's see you give your big brother the best blow job he's ever had." Tawney, her head lowered in defeat, sniffled back her tears and lifted her tongue to my cock. As she slipped the head inside, swirling the tip with her pierced tongue, I grabbed her hair on either side of her head and forced her face all the way down onto my crotch. She moaned in fear, but I could feel her tongue working feverishly. She knew she had no choice but to obey.



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