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      Jake was pleased I didn't have a hang-up using Tawney sexually or otherwise. How could I? Despite the fact she was my little sister, she not only wanted all this, but was incredibly good at being a slave as well. I knew behind her tears and embarrassment, she actually was enjoying her life, or at least that is what I came to believe early on. Whether she ever imagined the depth of pain and modification she was enduring it's hard to say. A pang of doubt crept into my head, wondering if I should ask her in private if all this was too much. I tabled the question until later, not sure how I would do that or if I should.

     Halfway through my stay, Jake announced he had a ritual to perform and he wanted me to be a part of it. Tawney was serving us breakfast at the time and I could tell she was not thrilled with whatever was going to happen. It was the first time I had seen her truly afraid.

     "Sounds like fun," I had said between bites.

     "Good. I think you'll find it exciting, to say the least." Jake smiled, making Tawney rush away on her ballet shoes. Further questions failed to reveal more, and I resigned myself to waiting until the night.


     Later that night, after Jake had strangely served dinner for us himself, he told me to follow him.

     "I've had Tawney ready for this since about two o'clock this afternoon." I smiled privately, knowing it must have been horrible for Jake to have to serve himself. "I figure giving her time to think of her fate is half the fun anyway." I nodded, not really knowing what he was talking about.

     We headed into a large room I had never seen before. The dark walls and spotty lighting made it difficult to understand right off, but soon I found myself starring at Tawney. She was on her back on top of a sparse yet strong frame. Her lower back was supported by a padded surface, as were her shoulders, but little else held her up, giving her body a strange floating look. Wide leather straps circled her already corsetted waist as did a strap above her large breasts. Her wrist and ankles were chained to posts at forty-five degree angles from her body, forming a perfect X. She had been stretched taught to them, removing any ability to flex. Her head was pulled back and strapped at a harsh ninety-degree angle, forcing her to face the back wall of the room. She had clearly  been crying, and now the soft remnants of her whimpers still escaped the large ring gag that was strapped to her face.

     "I discussed this with Tawney some time ago, and finally I got all the pieces in place," Jake said as he led me to a table on the side. I could see several items of shiny metal, all custom molded and uniquely designed. "As I think you know, Tawney has always been a glutton for humiliation. What you probably don't know is that she loves sex. She's probably the definition of a nymphomaniac, always wanting more, with one caveat; she hates anal sex. I think she's endured my back door penetrations because of our relationship, but I could really tell she doesn't like it." As he spoke, he unlaced her corset. Clearly it had been on so tight and so long that her body had form fitted to it. Tawney let out a gasp as it came off. Jake then selected a molded metal band and walked back to Tawney's waist. "I had wanted to come up with some sort of ultimate humiliation for her and I think I found it." I could hear Tawney begin to whimper again as she lightly struggled against her restraints. For the first time I started to think that Jake was going too far, that Tawney was no longer so interested in his crazy ideas. Instead of doing anything, though, I watched him fit the band around her waist, noticing how it was molded to her exact form just above her hip bones, creating a V shape as it dipped down toward her crotch.

     Returning to the table, he selected another item, this a curved plate with a slot near the top and a wider opening below. Holding it close, I could see a series of sharp pin-like protrusions on the bottom side as well as a ring of them extending into the upper slot. With a small tool he turned something, which slowly pulled the pins out from the slot. He handed it to me then began to remove Tawney's clit ring. Her moans grew louder as she seemed to be trying to speak, her head shaking slightly despite the straps. I could tell we had ventured into new ground for her, and whatever Jake was planning she not only aware of but no longer wanted. I couldn't help it; I was excited by the prospect. Knowing she was truly being controlled only made me more excited.

     Jake took back the plate and turned to me. "Would you mind doing something else for me," he asked.

     "Whatever you want," I said.

     "I think you'll like this. I'd like you to fuck her mouth while I do this." I heard her cry out again. I smiled at Jake. "How can I resist my best friend's request?" I moved around to her face, dropping my pants and releasing my already rock hard member. I pressed it against her tongue and shoved in, then quickly began pumping in and out. I had to catch myself and slow down, knowing I would come quickly if I weren't careful. Instead I began to hold my cock down her throat for a few seconds, feeling her studded tongue swirling obediently despite her continued whimpers.

     Jake returned to his preparations. He took another item and began to attach it to the belt she already wore. It seemed to be rubber padded metal bands that were riveted on to the belt in front, then stretched down to either side of her pussy. Later I could see a small connector held them close as it created a slight merge in the space between her pussy and her anus, then split back out to connect to the back of the belt. Though the front section of the bands were metal covered rubber, the metal ended at that bridge before her anus, with heavy bands of rubber alone stretching up to the back of the belt. Jake had to stretch them incredibly hard to reach the mounting rivets. The design would turn out to be amazing. Not only did the compression near her pussy help push her lips and clit outward more, but with the way the rubber bands stretched back, they actually pulled her ass cheeks open wide, providing easier access to her anus. In addition, the taught nature of the bands prevented any slack from emerging, despite the position Tawney was in. I would soon see how this made the device even more devious.

     "Ok. Here we go," Jake said. I wasn't sure if he was speaking to me or Tawney. "Oops. Almost forgot." He reached into a cabinet and selected three items that looked like futuristic glasses. Handing me one, he had me pull out of her mouth as he put a set on her face, covering her eyes. He flipped a switch, then reached to mine and did the same. For a second it was dark, but as he placed his set on his head, he turned something on and suddenly I could see through his eyes. Actually it was just a camera mounted on his set, but the illusion was wonderful. I knew Tawney could see the same thing, too. I peeked out from beneath them to get my cock back into her mouth, and then enjoyed the show.

     Jake replaced her clit ring with a very small rod, then, as he held her outer labia lips wide to expose the more sensitive inner set, he began to place the plate. He slipped the small rod through the slot at the top, then pressed the plate down. I could feel Tawney's scream against my cock as the small needle-like pins pressed into her inner labia, holding it in place. He twisted her clit rod 180 degrees then fit the rod into two small holders. It clicked into place firmly, locking her now stretched and twisted clit into position.

     Tawney was crying now, and her tongue had diminished in activity. I was feeling especially cruel as I reached to her nipple ring and twisted it hard, causing her to cry out again, but her tongue reacted appropriately.

     I could see through the goggles how the plate fit perfectly over her entire vagina, the larger hole at the bottom perfectly circling her pussy. The sides had holes in them that fit perfectly over a series of protruding rods extending up from the side bands. He placed small nuts over the ends once the plate was in place, screwing them down, before applying a drop of super glue to each. It was then I realized that this was intended as a permanent fixture. Suddenly Tawney's fear was justified.

     "Jake, why don't you tell me what this is," I said, trying not to sound too worried.

     "Sure," he said, focused on his work. "As I said, I wanted some sort of ultimate humiliation for Tawney. Licking toilets and such only goes so far." He chuckled as he lubricated a hollow but thick metal dildo, itself covered with a series of holes and nubs, before pressing it into Tawney's exposed pussy. She grunted at the size and Jake had to take it slow, but it slowly slid it's six-inch length inside. "I knew she liked one thing the most out of sex, and that was clitoral stimulation. As a matter of fact, she could come with very little time with a vibrator. That's what made her such a slut, which I liked." The dildo slid into place, the ends locking into a socket like fitting in the plate. He took the small tool once more and began to rotate the pins that now surrounded her extended clit inward. It didn't take long before they began to pierce the base of her clit and once again her howls of pain echoed through my cock. I was having trouble holding back now so I slowed down again.

     "The other thing I knew she hated, which I mentioned earlier, was anal penetration." He selected another plate, this slightly convex on one side while inside, near the top, was a new series of sharp pins. A fitting at the bottom seemed designed to connect to the end of the dildo now inside of her with some sort of gasket fitting on the outside. A small box of electronic components was fit snuggly against the inside between the two. Positioning it over the top, I could see how it completely overlapped the first piece, its intent to completely seal off any access to Tawney's pussy. He made sure the fitting was properly connected then pressed the top into place. Tawney screamed bloody murder as the small half dome of sharp needles pushed into her actual clit. Despite the bonds and the taughtness of her body, she still managed to buck a bit. Jake simply waited, listening to her pleading around her brother's cock. I was almost afraid as the weight of the device sank into my brain. I was in a strange dream, something combining my cute little sister with a sinister plot, all seen through these bizarre glasses. It made me question what was real for a moment, and what was pure fantasy.

     Jake locked the plate into place with a second set of pins extending up from the edges of the first plate. These were different in that he simply pushed it on hard and the pins disappeared into some secret hole beneath. A clearly audible "ting" sound told all of us it was locked down now. He used his little camera to reveal the entire rig. She now wore a very bizarre chastity belt, her entire vagina covered with metal and completely inaccessible. Only the fitting to her pussy disturbed the flow of the shiny metal.

     "So," Jake finished, stepping back. "I decided I would fit her with a permanent device that not only would remove any access to her clit and pussy, but also focus attention on her ass. The dildo inside of her is made of surgical steel, as is the whole device, so she can wear it indefinitely. The attachment is designed to pump water and disinfectants into her vagina, cleaning her out when she needs it. Oh, one more thing."  He reached under the access port and turned a ring circling it. We could hear the click and Tawney screamed again.

     "I just activated the little spikes on the outside of the dildo. It can't move at all now. So, the upside for us now, is that we get to fuck her ass all the time and she has no choice!" He smiled as if he had just won a merit badge, and though I smiled back, I couldn't help but wonder what he had done. He walked over to me with a small remote device in his hand.

     "As a matter of fact, not only will she never feel any pleasure through her clit or pussy again, but I've set it up so I can administer pain to her clit anytime I want, or even at random." He flipped a switch and Tawney's body went rigid before she wailed around my cock, begging for it to stop despite the gag and my member. "That's voltage applied directly to the twenty needles that now pierce her clit hood and clit itself." He hit the button again and as she screamed once more. I myself had witnessed a new level of sadism that even I didn't think was possible. I was trapped between feeling terror for my sister and the growing feeling in my body. As he hit the button a third time I couldn't hold back, stifling her scream as she was forced to swallow my load.



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