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     I only had a week left with Jake and Tawney, and though I knew the end of this bizarre and amazing visit was coming to an end, it was easy to forget. I found it easy to fall into the idea that I was living in this world of submissive, tortured women and dominant men, a world Jake and I had dreamed of but never thought possible. I was lounging in the sun, enjoying the massive backyard lawn that Jake kept, wondering how he managed to keep his secrets from his team of gardeners. Just ten feet away was Tawney, strapped to a device that seemed appropriate in my new found fantasy world. With her arms bound behind her in a reverse prayer, her wrists forced high up her back to nearly touch her neck, she was lying on a thin padded platform. Her ever growing breasts dangling from either side, their bases constricted by harsh leather cord. The other end connected to her knees, forcing her to keep them as wide as possible or risk further constriction of her already purple tits. Her tips of her ballet shoes were connected via small rings to her hair which was laced into a ponytail. The result held her face straight forward. The beauty was the two machines attacking her from front and rear, literally. Two machines, designed to pump dildos in and out of an orifice were penetrating her mouth and ass alternately. The one in her mouth was teaching her the art of deep-throating, and as I watched, it marched forward once more, slowly distending her throat like a snake swallowing a rat. She had little choice in the matter, with both her hair bondage and the huge ring gag that kept her mouth wide. The dildo seemed to have a life of its own, slowly sliding into her mouth and down her throat, then holding just long enough for her to panic for lack of air, before slowly and relentlessly pulling out. From time to time it would start to enter the back of her throat then suddenly begin to pump frantically, until finally pulling back enough to rest against her tongue. I'm not sure Jake had put sensors on it or not but it was clear Tawney thought there was as she kept her pierced tongue active on the rubber cock at all times.

     Behind her, she had endured a constant anal fucking for hours now. Jake had insisted she be trained when we weren't using her so she would learn she had no choice but to learn to enjoy the only penetration she could receive now, other than her mouth. I'm not sure which was worse for her, the constant mouth fucking or proof that she would only experience the one form of sex she hated for the rest of her life.

     As I watched her face, I could see her grimace from time to time, and often see new tears roll down her cheeks. I knew Jake had decided to leave the clit shocker on random at all times now on, and after a week of constant punishment it was a wonder she didn't cry all the time.

     I had been out here all day, staring at my little sister, now 19 years old, being abused as she was. It wasn't too hard for me to imagine her as she was, a demure young girl, small breasts and an innocent smile. I could almost imagine her in much the same leaning position, giving me a hard time about a date while she laid on top of our porch railing. But just as quickly the image dissolved into what I could seen now. That innocent face now tortured, a thick nose ring mounted in her septum, huge 32DD breasts dangling below her, the tiny bells connected to her nipples ringing lightly in the breeze.  I couldn't resist a closer look as I approached her. She glanced up at me just as the dildo in her mouth began one of it's brutal assaults, as if some guy had decided to face fuck her within an inch of her life. I looked down at those pleading eyes, welling with tears, then the drool that had poured from her mouth throughout the day to puddle in the grass below. I stroked her hair from her face, but then let my hand move down her twisted arms, and to her breasts. They were a fair shade of purple; nothing to be worried about yet but certainly sensitive enough by now. I pulled on the leather strap connected from the base to her knee, enjoying the moan from her. Fondling her nipple ring and rod, I found myself twisting them to see how loud a scream I could elicit. I soon found myself watching the dildo pounding in and out of her weary ass. It was lucky they were self lubricating. Jake had designed both her mouth unit and the anal cock to essentially ejaculate every few minutes. The feeling, accompanied by the requisite deep penetration and hold, created the feeling that she wasn't just getting penetrated but actually fucked by the machines. Her anus was red from the punishment, with lubricant seeping out of her like come. I found myself questioning her choice to become a slave, and wondered if this is what she expected. Moving back to her face, I crouched down beside her.

     "Tawney," I said softly. She tried to turn but the dildo wouldn't allow her to. Her eyes tried to see me, though, through the tears. "I know you really wanted to be a slave when you got together with Jake, but I'm worried he's starting to do things to you that even you couldn't imagine, or want." I paused as the dildo went into a renewed frenzy. There was something really hot in watching it relentlessly fuck her mouth for almost five minutes, before pulling out of her throat to mechanically orgasm on her tongue. As she recovered from the assault, I tried again. "I'm getting the impression you might want all this to stop, to make Jake let you go so you won't have to endure this anymore, or whatever he has in mind for the future." Again she tried to see me, and though the dildo had begun it's motions again, I thought I might have seen a nod of assent. "Do you want me to talk to Jake? Try and make him slow down?" Again, was that a nod? I wasn't sure.

     "Hey, Mark," Jake yelled from the house. I stood up to answer.

     "What's up?"

     "I thought you and I could go into town, get a real steak for a change."

     "Sounds great!" I glanced back to Tawney. "We'll talk later, ok?" I didn't wait for an answer, turning to Jake as he approached. "What about her?"

     "She'll be fine. We'll be back by midnight and it's been warm in the evenings." I marveled at the thought. Glancing at my watch I noted it was only three o'clock. As I grabbed my towel and began to follow Jake, I glanced back at my sister. Nine more hours, for a total of fifteen hours on the machine. I shook my head in amazement. As we got to the house, Jake used his remote, pointing it in Tawney's direction. I watched as the machines picked up their paces, commencing a much more fevered session of anal and mouth fucking.

     "That'll keep her occupied," he said. As I followed him through the door, I could hear Tawney's screams of anguish muffled only by the staccato punctuation of the dildo sliding down her throat.



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