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      Amy was enjoying the pool when the doorbell disrupted her thoughts. It was late May, school out and time to enjoy the summer. She had been fantasizing about being Mrs. Mark Pender, not only because he was one of the most eligible bachelors on campus, but also because she liked the pool. She had to admit she was a catch as well, a psychology major who looked more model than student. Her long blonde hair cascade down her back, framing a soft face and full lips. She enjoyed the attention her 36D breasts gave her and she worked hard to keep her body trim and athletic. She had been seeing Mark for nearly six months now, ever since they met at a club in the city, and though things were going well she had always felt there was something missing from the relationship.

     She was still trying to tie on her bikini top when the door rang again.

     "I'm coming," she yelled. Finally making a knot, she whipped open the door to reveal a startled delivery man. For a second he just smiled, staring at the beautiful blonde in a tiny bikini. Amy didn't want to be rude, and actually liked the attention, just not really from an unshaven man with questionable job skills.

     "I've got a delivery for a Mark Pender?" The guy held out his clipboard and Amy glanced at it.

     "You've got the right place," she said with a smile. "What is it?" Amy followed him back out toward the truck idling in the long driveway. She quickly signed the form, mimicking Mark's handwriting to the T, a skill she thought might come in handy one day.

     "A crate. That's all I know." A helper appeared from the cab, a younger man less shy about his advances.

     "Wow! This is the best delivery this week," he whistled, trying to charm Amy. She winked back at him, then slipped the wrap she had been carrying over her shoulders. She glanced at the lift gate as the first guy wrestled a two foot deep, three foot wide and six foot tall box onto the dolly. As the box banged against the side of the truck, Amy prayed quietly that it wasn't fragile, whatever it was.

     "I'll give you guys an extra $20 each if you carry it into the den." They looked at each other and nodded, lowering the gate and pushing the dolly across the cobblestone drive.

     That evening, as Amy sipped ice tea and watched the fire, she couldn't help but glance at the crate now dominating the room. She stood and pulled the packing slip off the side, trying to determine once more what was inside. Mark had often spoken of his mysterious friend Jake, a rich classmate who often would send fancy gifts for birthdays or holidays. The house she sat in was almost a gift from Jake as well. Mark had reluctantly agreed to live in it after his friend purchased it as a tax write-off. It was probably more than luck that it was in the same town his best friend was going to college, but Amy had eventually convinced Mark to accept. The place was nearly a mansion, set back from the street on acres of land, private and secluded. Mark had often spoken rather vaguely about Jake's place at home, claiming it was easily five times as large as this house, but Amy had trouble imagining that. It had come down to money. A struggling yet promising student like Mark couldn't turn down an offer like this.

     Amy couldn't tell much from the packing slip other that it had been shipped in a bizarre fashion. Though it appeared to originate somewhere in the southeast, it seemed to have taken the slow, random boat; New Orleans to Nassau to Bermuda to Cape Cod to Boston to here. The box had been in shipping for over two weeks now. As she put the slip back on top, she shrugged. Mark wouldn't be back for at least another week. She supposed it could wait until then.

     Her carefree attitude lasted all of a day. By the next evening, Amy was dying to know what was inside. Home for the evening, she selected a crow bar and began to pry at the front facing. After some struggling, the wood came free, revealing a solid mass of black foam.  Amy puzzled over the shape for awhile; wondering what could be inside, but suddenly afraid to look further. She cleared away the wood around it then carefully lowered the solid rectangle onto a long side before leaving it once again.

With her busy schedule, Amy managed to avoid the strange solid cube for another three days, but finally she found herself home on the weekend, and despite her self control, she just had to examine it closer. The smooth rubbery substance was slightly springy to the touch, but seemingly seamless. As she felt around the edges, she found a hole. Reaching inside with her fingers, she could find nothing except endless tube that reached down into the mass. Examining it closer she found a similar tube on the opposite side. Now even more curious, Amy decided to lift the cube up again to allow further study of all sides. Struggling to put it up on end, she noticed an enveloped taped to the back side, something she had missed the first night in the dark. Ripping it open, she found a note. It read:


                        "Since you couldn't make it to me this summer, I

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                        thought I'd send you a little gift. Make sure you read

                        the instructions inside.


     Amy felt embarrassed now, realizing it was a present from Mark's old friend. But now she just had to know more. Feeling along the sides, she found what appeared to be a seam. She laid it down once more and with the help of the pry bar, popped it open. At first, she could only see a black form. Much like a familiar character cast in carbonite, the female form seemed mounted to the back of the case. She moved closer, eager to examine this strange statue. It seemed to be made of some sort of shiny rubber, latex she thought it was called. The casting was remarkably lifelike, though the shape it represented was hardly realistic. The female shape had impossibly long legs, aided by a strange snub-nosed shoe instead of feet that created a ballet en point look. At the crotch a strange lump formed. Almost like a codpiece it made the form look more like a Barbie doll than a real woman. The waist was tiny, compressed seemingly by some sort of corset device. The form's breasts were the most amazing, the size of basketballs, or even larger. Reaching the face, she could see how the illusion was broken by a perfectly smooth head and no modeled eyes. At the mouth there was a lump that disturbed what looked like exaggerated lips. Reaching out, Amy touched the large breasts. The shape moved beneath her hand. Shocked, Amy pulled away, unsure if she really saw it move. Soon she reached in again, touching the rubberized face. Once again it moved, and through the tubes that now were visible, leading to the encased head, she could hear the most subtle moan.


     Mark stumbled into the house exhausted from the trip. He dumped his bags at the bottom of the stairs before seeking out Amy.

     "I'm home," he pronounced. He could just hear the TV on low in the den as he headed that way. Rounding the corner, the first thing he could see was the back of Amy's head as it lay on the cushions of the couch. Figuring she was asleep, Mark crept up slowly. As he got close, a low moan erupted from Amy, startling him. He reached the back of the couch and peered over. Dressed in only a short bathrobe, Amy was stretched out so her legs spilled off the edge of the couch. Her naked body was writhing in ecstasy. Between her legs, seemingly attached to her crotch was a black form. Straps connected to it held the shape pressed firmly into Amy's crotch despite the wriggling she was doing. As she seemed to be rising to orgasm, Jake could see something in her hand, a remote of sorts. She jabbed at a button and the feminine shape at her feet let out a muffled scream, but the results must have been to Amy's liking. She cried out in orgasm before collapsing on the couch, the strange form still clamped to her pussy.

     A note on the side table caught Mark's eye and he quietly opened it, reading his friend's words. He looked down in shock, realizing who the form was, before seeing another sheet of instructions.

                                                "Tawney the Rubber Doll"

The title spelled it out clearly. The instructions were fairly plain. His little sister could not hear or see. She had been coated in a rubber substance that allowed the skin to breathe but removed any sense of touch. Her arms were useless bound in a reverse prayer under several layers of the latex, her hands in small sacks to prevent use of her fingers. Mark carefully took the remote that had dropped out of Amy's limp hand, then read the instructions again. It had eight buttons which activated any number of electric shocks that she had been painstakingly trained to obey. Button one was suck or lick, two would have her walk forward, three was for stop. Four was turn right and five turn left. Button six would have her kneel on the floor, then put her rubber clad head to the ground to present her ass and pussy for penetration. Mark glanced at the rubberized girl still strapped to his girlfriend's pussy. Button seven put her in kneeling slave posture while eight had her lay on her back. He pushed button one and could immediately tell her tongue had gone into action by the surprised reaction by Amy. Her eyes flicked open, catching sight of Mark, but just as quickly rolled back as another orgasm rushed through her body.

     "This is your little sister," Amy asked in shock. Sitting at the kitchen table they both stared to the kneeling rubber form at their feet. Mark was still shocked at the quality of the coating. Except for her mouth and nostrils, her head appeared like a formless mannequin, no evidence of ears, eyes or even hair. Her head was a smooth, featureless globe. A thick nose ring dangled from her septum and a glint of metal from inside her mouth were the only things on her head that didn't gleam with shiny latex. Her body was also coated perfectly, as if she were a doll. Mark was amazed at the size of Tawney's breasts, especially in contrast to her tiny waist. Thick rings penetrated the rubber at the base of her nipples with the familiar rod and small ring up the length. On closer examination, they could see where a corset had been placed under coating, constricting her waist to tiny proportions, with a second one added after the latex application. Straps from the front disappeared between Tawney's legs, framing the bulge that was most certainly her permanent chastity device. Pressing the sixth button, Tawney responded immediately, pushing her rear in the air. Mark could see how the straps served to pull apart her ass, exposing a plugged and rubberized anus. The illusion of no arms was stunning. Only on close examination could they see the slight bulge at mid back where her elbows were, and her lower arms climbing up toward her neck. Her feet seemed to be permanently en pointe, yet with no visible heel or shoe. It appeared some inner device held her toes in the severe position.

     "I guess so," Mark answered finally. "It's not how she last looked, but I'm pretty sure it is." Mark had figured he would now have to explain his interests in bondage, as well as those of his sister and friend, since Amy was now exposed to it. He watched her closely unable to see if she was shocked or excited. "Let's call Jake, find out how long she's been like this."


     "The training was the most difficult," Jake said through the webcam. "It took about three months to get her to obey perfectly." Mark and Amy looked at each other, but Amy asked the question that was on their minds.

     "How long has she been like this, Jake?"

     "I'd guess about six months now," he replied, pondering it. "It took a month to get her fully coated and geared up, then three months of training. I kept her for just over a month to test her out and have some fun, then it took about three weeks to ship her to you."

     "Is she ok," Amy asked. "I've never seen anything like this." Mark watched her, still unable to tell what she was thinking, but he knew she had already tested the merchandise. Mark figured it was safe to keep her in the loop.

     "She should be fine, as far as slaves go," he said with a chuckle. "Mark can tell you just how kinky his little sister is, so she's probably loving it." Mark thought back to his aborted conversation with Tawney on the lawn, wondering just how much she was really loving it.

     "Is she really unable to use any of her senses," Amy asked.

     "Well you can tell she has no skin visible, so she can't feel anything that way. The rubber is about four layers thick, totally close to a quarter inch, so it's thick by skin standards. The nipple and nose rings go into flesh, so if you twist them she'll feel that. If you look in her mouth you can see a few things. First, the rubber coating goes inside as well. Her tongue is fit into a thin membrane of the same material, and her tongue rods that run down the length of either side of her tongue lock it on, so she gets no sense of taste at all. Her nostrils are coated as well, up about halfway up her nose. I actually had breathing tubes mounted in her nostrils into her lungs to ensure she could breath. What you can't see is the soft rubber tube that goes down her throat. It's mounted to the back of her tongue coating so it's locked in place. The concept is that anything put in her mouth she swallows. She has no choice. She can't breathe through her mouth anymore. It also serves to block her vocal cords so she can't even speak."

     Amy was frozen in what appeared to be shocked amazement. She wasn't used to Jake's strange affinity for this work, and even Mark was a bit overwhelmed. He could only imagine what was going through Amy’s mind.

     "I think Amy is still taking it in. We've never talked about the scene at all," he said cautiously.

     "Mark! I'm surprised," Jake added before stopping himself. "I guess you two have some stuff to talk about." He glanced at Amy, still frozen in shock.

     "I guess we do."

     The summer had seemed especially long to Amy. The first month had been bizarre as both she and Mark had become accustomed to having the strange rubber doll, his little sister, available to them. At first, after their conversation and her understanding of Mark's affinity for extreme bondage, both of them had come to enjoy dominating the helpless form of the young girl. Even Mark seemed to get into the act, overcoming his feeling of guilt at abusing his sister in favor of a fevered and often harsh excitement over penetrating Tawney's mouth or ass.

     After only the first week, as they both lay in bed fondling Tawney's helpless form, Amy's hand had run down to the girl's crotch. She felt the lump and turned to Mark.

     "What's this," she asked.

     "It's a permanent chastity device," he answered.

     "How do you mean, 'permanent'?" Mark explained the device how it not only prevented any vaginal pleasure, isolated her clit completely but also administered pain in the form of electrical shocks to further destroy any sense of pleasure. Amy's hand moved to her own crotch, a flushed look on her face.

     "It's permanent? You mean she'll never again be able to orgasm?"

     "Unless she learns to orgasm through anal penetration. I guess Jake could remove it if he wanted to, but I doubt he will."

     "How long has she worn it now?" Mark thought back to the previous summer.

     "I guess about a year now." Amy was quiet after that, her own hand at her crotch as she contemplated the seriousness of the device.

    As the weeks went on, Amy began questioning Mark about being a slave. Her interest was peaked and Mark was more than happy to fill her in. He had secretly hoped she would show signs of submission but had figured it was wishful thinking and he would one day have to break up with her in favor of someone who was into the scene. He often did imagine her long blonde hair laced through his fingers as he yanked her head back, or rings through her lovely nipples. So one night, as Tawney stayed strapped to her crotch, her questions suddenly got interesting.

    "Have you ever thought of making me a slave," Amy asked as her breathing quickened. Mark had control over the remote and was having fun controlling his sister's tongue on her clit.

    "Of course," he responded. "But I didn't think you were submissive."

     "I'm not sure," she said. "I'd like to try, though." Mark hit the button twice quickly, which they had learned would get Tawney's tongue going very fast. He could tell Amy was getting close. He hit the button again which made Tawney stop, then watched Amy groan in disappointment.

     "We can try something now, if you want." Mark watched her face as a smile grew on it.

"Ok. Don't move." Like a giddy school girl he ran off.

     By morning Mark was exhausted but it had been worth it. Amy was still bound in position. Chains ran from either side of a thick collar to the upper posts of Their bed, holding her in the middle. Much to his pleasant surprise, her elbows had gone together easily last night and now they and her wrists were still hidden behind her body. Mark had taken a cue from last summer and tied straps around the base of her large breasts, then connected them to her knees as he pulled them toward her chest forcing her to keep them up or pull on her discolored and tender breasts. Thinner strap wrapped around each big toe and held her feet upward to the canopy above, ensuring unobstructed access to her pussy.

     The night had started that way, with Amy bound in position. Mark watched as she experimented with her bonds, quickly realizing she was unable to escape. As he strapped Tawney to her clit again, he looked into her eyes.

     "Now you agree to try this, and not hold it against me in the morning, right?" She nodded, already excited.

     "Bring it on," she said with a gleam in her eye.

     "There's something you'll come to understand, Amy. Even the most wonderful thing can become torture eventually." She just smiled, then opened her mouth as he pushed in a ball gag and strapped it in place.

     It was only 9:30pm when they started, and Mark supposed from the excitement of the bondage, Amy orgasmed fairly quickly. By 11:00pm she had come six times, and each was taking longer. He took her until midnight, after five more orgasms, before stopping Tawney and unstrapping the gag.

     "How does it feel now," he asked as Amy worked her jaw.

     "It's starting to get a little uncomfortable, but it still feels good. I could come a few more times but I'm probably done after that." Mark smiled and replaced the gag to continue.

     By 12:30am Mark could tell that Tawney's tongue was more abrasive than pleasurable. Amy was grunting from the contact, unable to resist. As Mark looked into her eyes, he could see a flash of anger in them.

     "I told you not all things are as nice as they start out being, but as my slave for the night, you will have to endure." Mark reached to the floor and lifted a heavy leather hood he had stashed. Amy saw it and screamed, trying to avoid it. It was easy for him to walk behind the bed, though, grabbing a handful of hair and forcing the hood on. He positioned the eyepads over her eyes, and the inner ear plugs over her ears before pulling hard to stretch it taut over her face. The plugs slipped into place and Mark began lacing it on. Once the lacing was complete, Mark pulled a connected strap over her eyes, pushing the inner pads tighter against her face, before buckling it on. Another strap covered her exposed ball gag, pushing it deeper into her mouth. Finally, a strap circled under her chin then over the top of her head, further silencing her. Mark finished by adding a length of strap from a ring at the top of the hood to a ring in the headboard, pulling Amy's leather encased head back hard and further immobilizing her. With two quick punches of the button Mark set Tawney back in motion. Even with the first of her metal studded tongue against Amy's clit, Mark could see his girlfriend flinch in pain. He could tell she was trying to struggle, but the bonds held her firm and soon she became motionless, trying to avoid added stimulation to her already abused clit.

     By 10:00am, Mark snapped awake. Looking down to the remote, he realized he had been holding it down. He pulled Tawney away, who let out an small moan as her mouth settled closed again. Mark could imagine how difficult it had been for her. He marveled once more at Jake's ability to condition his little sister so well that she would keep her tongue active for the entire night. Part of him thought it could be because she was truly living the life she wanted, and thus her dutiful acceptance, but he also knew it could easily be the threat of torture that kept her going. Either way she had no choice.

     Amy's clit and pussy lips looked red from too much stimulation but his larger concern were her breasts, which had now turned a light shade of purple. It was clear that Amy had given up on holding her knees up as the pain of Tawney's tongue had made her forget the pain in her chest. Mark untied the straps and released her breasts. A howl erupted from beneath the hood as blood coursed back into them.

     Mark decided to take Amy's release in increments, starting with her breast bondage and followed by releasing her elbows. He had never bound her like this for so long, and though he could tell her circulation was thin, he was pleased to see her arms hadn't discolored. Thoughts of longer bondage bounced in his mind. After another half hour, he decided to take off her hood, and as he peeled the leather off of her, he could see the inside eye pads were drenched in tears. Removing her gag, she lay motionless for a moment, her eyes still shut. Finally, they peeled open, catching sight of Mark.

     "You fucker," she mumbled, a slight smile on her lips.

     "I told you being a slave isn't all roses. I figured I should show you the reality so you could forget your ideas of being a slave. I don't think you're up to it." Amy smiled a little more, then closed her eyes, dangerous thoughts fluttering behind her eye lids.

     Mark was trying to focus on the tv but was having trouble. He couldn't help but to glance down frequently at the rubber encased head of his little sister between his legs. There was something sublime about her rubber coated tongue and the mounted metal rods stroking against his hard cock. Shortly after her arrival, Mark had discovered a bizarre twist to Tawney's tranformation. At the time it was shocking, bringing home the fact that his little sister was gone, replaced by the ultimate slave. Enjoying a blowjob at the time, he noted that despite her grip at times, he never felt teeth. Upon closer examination he found that Jake had crowned all of Tawney's teeth in a unique way. Each tooth had been filed down near the gum, then caps had been fit over the nub. Though the connection was firm, the actual section that extended from her tooth was no longer rigid. Each tooth was now capped with soft rubber nodes. Mark had found it shocking at first, realizing even her teeth had been all but removed, and replaced with something solely devoted to her performance as a slave. He began again to wonder how far Jake could go in transforming Tawney.

     It was still early August and he was getting far too used to having a rubber doll at his disposal, despite the reality of who was inside. It was Amy who interrupted his bliss. Slinking in wearing a seethrough teddy, she kneeled down beside Tawney, pulling her lips from Mark's cock and pushed the rubber tongue down lower. She smiled up at Mark and dropped her own lips to his member while pressing her hand against the back of Tawney's head, forcing her to tongue Mark's balls. It only took a few minutes of this intense stimulation before Mark began to orgasm. Keeping her lips on his cock, Amy pulled Tawney back up, then switched his cock to Tawney's, letting her finish the job. Both had been using Mark's cum as one of Tawney's two meals a day and she hated to deprive the poor girl of nourishment.

     Once finished, Amy slid up beside Mark as he hit the button directing Tawney to assume slave posture.

     "I didn't want you to forget my lips," Amy said, stroking his deflating member.

     "How could I? I think you give world class blowjobs." Amy blushed, looking demure.

     "Why thank you, sir."  It had taken a couple of weeks for Amy to get over the torment Mark had put her through. She had admitted she wasn't mad at him, but rather had to deal with some conflicting emotions she was going through, that being her first intense bondage experience. Now, she seemed back to her old self and Mark could sense something was on her mind.

     "I think I'd like to try being a slave," she said, trying to look in Mark's eyes. He lifted her chin with a hand.

     "What do you imagine a slave's life is like?"

     "Well, I don't really know, but I think it would be fun! I love sex, and the torture stuff doesn't scare me. Besides, I endured your little clit torment, right?" Mark shook his head.

     "I don't think you have any idea what it means being a slave. Look at Tawney," he motioned to his sister on the floor. "This would be your life. Living only to serve. Now I agree she's an extreme case, in that she is literally living to serve, but slavery is pretty serious."

     "Yeah, I thought of that," Amy said, looking at the rubber girl at their feet. "I think it would be a good challenge, at least for a little while." She reached off the couch for a bowl filled with slips of paper. "I put a length of time on each of these. We can random draw and whatever we got would be how long I'd have to be your slave." Mark glanced at the bowl, noting a few exposed pieces with the words 'six weeks' or 'eighteen weeks'.

     "Amy, I can't do this with you. I get the impression you think it's a game, or maybe a challenge. It's not."

     "Can't we have some limits?"

     "That's not my style. I would never want to permanently damage you but there's a lot of leeway in what I'd want to be able to do, and I don't think you understand that." Amy was beginning to get mad. She dropped the bowl on the couch.

     "I thought this is what you wanted! I'm willing to give it to you and you won't accept it?"

     "It's not some sort of gift, Amy. Tawney really wanted to be a slave. She had been dreaming about it for years; deep, dark fantasies that scared even me at times. And look at her now. Can you imagine being with sight or sound, unable to feel anything for almost nine months? And who knows how much longer Jake will keep her this way! Look at her. Do you want to be that?" Mark was getting angry as well, realizing that Amy had no idea what she was asking. He finally calmed himself, taking her hand. "I love you, Amy. I want this to work out, but I want you to be who you are. Sure, I wish you were as submissive and masochistic as my sister, but you can't pretend to be that way."

    Amy began to cry, rushing out of the room as Mark watched her go.



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