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    Nearly two years had passed since that fateful argument. As Mark rode in the back of the sedan that had picked him up at the airport, he thought back to Amy. Shortly after their fight, she had moved out, then left school. Mark was devastated but knew it was for the best. He knew that despite how much he cared for her, she would never be able to satisfy his own dark cravings. His own depression had kept him away from Jake and his sister as well. After shipping Tawney back in the crate, he had managed a last minute transfer to a European university to finish his degree, and stayed for some post graduate work as well. But finally he knew he had to rejoin his life, and he thought he'd start with Jake.

     His friend had tried to track him down after he had missed the first summer and his standard visit, but Mark had avoided contact, simply sending back confirmation that he was ok and would contact him soon. Mark figured his friend and slave sister could stand one summer without him around. But now approaching the second summer, he knew he couldn't stay away. As the car pulled up to the speaker box, he waited for the sounds of surprise. He had decided this trip would be a surprise.

     "Yes," came the sound of a young woman's voice.

     "Master Pender is here to visit," the driver said in a slow British drawl.

     "One moment, please," responded the voice, then went silent. Just as Mark was about to ask the driver to try again, the gates opened. Taking the cue the driver pulled in and up the drive.

     As the car pulled away and disappeared back toward the gate, Mark stepped up to the door. He touched the bell, and though he couldn't hear the sound, the door pulled open almost immediately, revealing the cutest rubber maid. Dressed in layers of transparent latex, the girl stepped gingerly on towering pumps, connect by a short few links of chain. Her body seemed form fitted in the rubber, with no part of her body exposed except above her neck, where a youthful and beautiful face was framed by long, soft curls that cascaded down her back. A thick nose ring dangled low enough to touch her upper lip, and he could see that it was a seamless, and most likely permanent, addition. Mark could see that the girl was experiencing one of his and Jake's fantasies, namely a lovely girl in several layers of rubber. What was most astounding was her tiny, corsetted waist in contrast to her large breasts. She looked to be only about 16, and Mark wondered just how old she really was. She seemed happy with her role however, flattered by Mark's stare, blushing as she stepped aside to let him in.

     "Master asked that you wait in the drawing room. Will you follow me?" As she closed the door and gracefully stepped to the adjoining room, Mark followed with pleasure. Each step of her amazingly long legs was accompanied by a swish of rubber stroking rubber. It was all transparent latex, and though he could tell she was wearing at least three layers of the tight substance, he could just see her pale skin beneath it all. The rubber seemed painted on, form fitting to every perfect curve of her young body. It seemed she wore a body suit which covered to mid thigh on her leg, and mid forearm as well. Long transparent gloves overlapped the sleeves, just as rubber stockings matched to the legs, held in place by a rubber garter. A tight rubber corset fit smoothly to what looked like an 18 inch waist, ending just beneath her breasts. Over it all she wore a skimpy rubber maid's dress, the tiny skirt which covered only to the top of her thighs, revealed two inflation balls between her legs, their tubes disappearing into snug panties.

     After sitting, then blissfully watching the maid move off again, Mark sat quietly. Almost immediately, but from another direction, the maid re-appeared.

     "May I offer you something, sir," she asked after a curtsy. Mark was still surprised at her quick movements, unable to respond. "Master wants to extend any luxury of the house while you wait. Might I suggest a drink and perhaps I can orally pleasure you?"

     "Uh, a drink would be fine," Mark mumbled. "Can I ask you something?" The maid curtseyed once more.

     "Anything you desire, sir," she said, looking down submissively.

     "How did you get around so fast? I can't imagine it's easy walking with such a short chain between those tall heels."

     "I'm sorry, but I think you must mean my sister." She looked to the other door, where she had left only moments ago, and there stood her mirror image. Mark smiled: Twins, another fantasy of Jake's.  Mark watched as they moved to stand together in front of him.

     "Aren't you both young for slaves?"

     "We signed lifetime contracts when we turned 18, sir. That was a year ago last March."

     "What are your names?" The second one spoke first.

     "I'm Blush and this is my sister Pout." They both leaned in to each other, touching heads and giving the cutest smiles. "Do we please you, sir?" Mark tried to hold back from yelling "hell yeah!" and instead smiled.

     "Very much so. Twin slaves has always been a fantasy of mine." The two girls smiled again in unison.

     "I love my sister very much," Pout said as they turned to each other. Blush began kissing her sister, a deep, long event with lots of tongue. Mark felt a surge in his pants as he watched these twin sisters, rubber slaves, making out in front of him. He could see peeks of their identically pierced tongues, small rings near the tips fed through grommets, with additional rods down either side, disappearing down their tongues. They broke apart enough to look to Mark. "May we suck your cock together, sir?" Mark broke into a huge grin again, until the boisterous sound of his friend shocked him out of it.

     "So now you show up," he said, mocking. "Blush, Pout, stop teasing the poor man. He just got here." Mark stood and returned a hug, just know realizing how he had missed his friend.

     "I needed some time. I'm sorry," Mark blurted out, feeling obligated to explain.

     "Nothing to be sorry about. I was just surprised, is all. Not that I didn't have fun!" Jake motioned to the other door. "You wanna see? I think you'll be surprised." Mark smiled, wondering what more he could have done to Tawney. Part of him was still eager, and he could feel the familiar stir as his kinky side was fanned like a flame. They headed out of the room, leaving Blush and Pout behind. Though Mark couldn't help but to look back at the twins, he found he was more eager to see Tawney. Jake led Mark down to the basement, which clearly had been remodeled sometime since his last visit. It seemed larger than the house above, with two underground stories, vaulted ceilings and the dread of a real dungeon throughout. They passed numerous rooms, some of which had strangely kinky sounds emanating, but Jake continued on, reaching another staircase down. This one seemed to project further out from under the house, but lead down to a single door some three stories beneath the ground. As they reached the damp bottom of the small staircase, he pulled out a single large key and opened the heavy wood door.

     Mark stepped in to a room seemingly hewn out of old stone. There wasn't much in the room, including light, but he could just pick out a heavy winch above the middle, where a hook projected up from the floor. As his eyes adjusted, he watched as Jake hooked the winch to the ring and hit a switch. A huge slab of stone, nearly two feet thick, lifted from the center of the floor, revealing a steel plate in more stone beneath it. The stone chunk, some five feet square, was set to the side and the winch attached to the metal plate.

     "We monitor her constantly via infrared lighting and cameras but she has no sense of it. It's really full isolation down there." Jake pulled aside the plate, which in itself was some four inches thick, before reattaching the winch to a chain hooked just inside the square hole. "The hole, as we call it, is climate controlled at an exact 72 degrees so there's no sense of time passage. There is just a touch of light around the base, enough   to keep the eyes healthy but not enough to provide much information or input."

     "How deep is that," Mark asked as he tried to peer down into the darkness.

     "About fifty feet down to the final plug, then another ten feet to the bottom, where she is," he said. "I showed her this whole thing before she went in the first time, sort of giving her the full impact of just how isolated she would be." Mark could imagine, seeing the process of extracting her. He watched as the chain pulled up another slab of rock that seemed to just fit in the whole. "It rests snuggly in a thick rubber gasket about ten feet from the floor. We could fill the middle tube with water if we wanted to and it wouldn't leak into the bottom." The final slab had another chain connected to it, which Jake then attached to the winch.

     "Ok, here she comes!" Mark was amazed at the whole thing, unable to fathom what Tawney was thinking.

     "How long has she been down here," mark asked.

     "Well, the first time was about four months, before we realized we couldn't find you and you weren't coming to visit. We pulled her out then and I just kept training her. She was pretty shaken up by that length of time, and made a pretty good slave for awhile. I figured you wanted me to continue with the heavy training, so I started making more permanent modifications after that. More hormone training, permanent piercings; the works. You were right, she was pretty rebellious, but I didn't falter. In late August she managed to kick me in the groin so I put her back down. She begged and cried but she got what she deserved. Besides, it's something you asked for anyway." Mark was just processing that she had been in this pit for ten months before his other words began to sink in.

      "What do you mean, 'I was right'?"

     "You're letter told us she'd resist heavily, but to ignore it," Jake said as he watched the hole. "I still can't believe she actually wanted to be this severe of a slave, but I figured you'd know her best. At first she was very eager but then I think it sank in and she wasn't so eager anymore!" Mark's head was swimming in confusion. Before he could understand, he heard scraping and looked down to see a steel box rise from the hole, trailing three hoses from below. Jake wrestled the box to the side, setting it down on the stone floor.

     Barely measuring three feet long, two feet high and two feet wide, the heavy steel sides, nearly three inches thick, had no holes or gaps except for a small slit on one end, at the very bottom. The three thick tubes were attached to the box, two at one end and the other, on the side of the slit. Jake stepped up to the end of the box and twisted the end of the single rubber tube, detaching it from the box. With a small tool he made a change to the gasket, unlocking it from the plate. Moving to the back of the box, he performed the same task with the other two tubes. Finished, he pulled a long rivet from the edge, then with the help of the winch, lifted the end panel up out of a snug slot, before setting it down to the side. Reaching inside, he used a key to unlock something, before pulling open a thick barred cage door. Reaching back inside, he grabbed the end of a heavy chain, from the sound of it, unlocking this from somewhere inside, before he pulled. The thing inside resisted, unwilling to leave the strange metal box. Jake pulled hard and soon something emerged. What came out looked nothing like Tawney, though the sweaty, naked figure was clearly female. As she crawled out without the use of her hands, her huge breasts brushed the ground, the heavy nipple rings and attached chains clinking against the bars at the bottom of the cage. She squinted from the light unable to handle even the dim lighting in the room.  Mark could now see the three tubes were for waste and feeding, a tube dangling from her gagged mouth and two from the chastity belt behind her. With sudden realization, Mark stepped back in shock, not sure what he was seeing. Despite the massive changes to her, it was clearly Amy at Mark's feet.

     Jake had to steady his friend as the world spun into place. It took a moment, much of it staring down at the strangely tortured body before him.

     Jake had truly transformed the lovely Amy.  Her head was shaved smooth, as were her eyebrows, not in a shaved way but in a truly hairless style that denoted permanent removal. Her body was covered in chains, with snug, heavy steel cuffs around her neck, upper arms, ankles and thighs. Thick, heavy chain connected her neck to her thighs, ankles to each other, and upper arms to ankles, with additional chain forming every possible option for connection. The weight alone must have been amazing and the result kept her in a near fetal position on her knees. Her arms had been folded into a reverse prayer, her hands disappearing into a single rubber bag that seemed sealed around her wrists. A ring at the end of the bag connected to the back of her collar in what appeared to be a welded fashion. It was clear she had been locked in this position for some time.

     Mark could see a wide series of piercings covering her face and body. A thick nose ring now dangled from her septum, resting against her upper lip, with a second ring set inside the first.. Her lips themselves were ringed along their lengths by what looked to be nearly 40 rings, creating a bizarre metal maw. Beneath her beach ball-sized breasts, Mark could see elongated nipples with several other rings or rods in each. Her waist was clearly corsetted, reducing her once slim waist to an incredibly small circumference. Without truly seeing it, Mark could tell she now wore a similar chastity device to Tawney's. Still unable to open her eyes, her mouth flexed open and closed, revealing a heavily pierced tongue.

     "She can't talk. I had tubes put down her throat and nostrils so she wouldn't try and choke on food or strangle herself." Mark was speechless.

     "How did this happen," he managed to croak out. "You said I had something to do with this?" Jake smiled, then looked concerned.

     "I'm confused. Didn't you send her to me?" Mark stammered something, his eyes unable to leave the transformed Amy.

     "We better talk," Jake said, leading Mark out of the room.



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