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    Mark practically lived in the entertainment room for the first two months of his stay. Jake had documented everything, from Tawney's early wishes as a slave through her training and transformation, and all of Amy's experiences. Once he got past the initial shock, he learned to enjoy it all. It didn't hurt to have Amy's rubberized mouth mounted to his cock. He had felt bad for a short time after Amy had been brought to realize that Mark had returned, but that she was going to stay as a permanent slave. It took Amy nearly a month to recover from nearly a year in the Hole. Mark feared she had been reduced to a broken form, but slowly she began to respond. Jake kept her sedated most of the time, so it wasn't until one morning that he and Mark decided she could handle the real world. They put her in bed with Mark and let the sedation wear off through the night. She was naked, but still with her arms in reverse prayer, corseted and pierced. She was laid in bed, her collar chained loosely to the headboard. Mark woke before her, waiting for her to respond. Slowly her eyes fluttered open, as if from a nightmare, seeing Mark beside her. She smiled.

     "Hello, Amy," Mark said gently. "How do you feel?"

     "I had a bad dream," she said softly, still partially asleep. "I dreamt I was turned into a permanent slave." Mark smiled, touching her cheek.

     "You are a slave, Amy," he said, watching her face turn to confusion. He pierced tongue slipped out of her mouth, running across her lips. She could feel the rings that circled each lip. Panic began to rise inside of her. Mark pulled aside the sheet covering her and her eyes rose to the mirror over the bed. Gasping, she took stock of her body.  Her breasts stood out first, like basketballs on her chest, highlighted by a thick ring at the base of each nipple, a rod through the middle and a small ring near the tip. She was completely hairless, even her eyebrows gone. Her waist had been reduced to 17 1/2 inches, and the chastity belt was now a permanent fixture on her body. The vibration device responded as if on cue, stimulating her clit. Amy began to cry.

     "This is what you used to look like," Mark said, holding out a cute picture of the old Amy in a bikini. "Of course, you look nothing like that now. You can't grow hair on your body anymore, that chastity belt is permanent and both your breasts and waist are changed forever." Tears streamed down her face. She struggled to roll over, seeing her arms folded useless behind her. "I think that's permanent, too. So much for that psychology degree." Mark was enjoying this, his dark side shining through. He got out of bed, unlocking the chain from the headboard and yanking hard on her leash.

     "Get off the bed, slave," he said. She struggled to comply as she continued to cry, realizing what was happening. "That'll be the last time you're allowed in a real bed. You sleep on the floor or in some less comfortable accommodations we have for you. Now assume a slave posture." Amy obeyed, getting on her knees, legs spread, head down, back straight. She watched as her tears began to puddle on the floor in front of her chastity device.

      "So, I guess you thought it would be fun to be a slave after all?" Amy was silent. "You may speak, slave."

     "Yes… Master," Mark smiled.

     "You faked my handwriting and set it all up, assuming I'd be visiting Jake over the summer, so you'd only have to endure slavery for a couple months?"

     "Yes, Master." Mark reached down, playing with her nose ring, spinning it in what seemed to be an inset grommet in the cartilage of her septum. He found no seam in the ring. It was quite permanent.

     "I guess you couldn't have imagined the Hole, could you?" Amy began to cry hard again, probably thinking back to her collective year plus in the cage… "Tell me what that was like?" Amy tried to collect herself but it was a struggle.

     "It was horrible, Master. It was worse than anything I could imagine. I'd rather die than go back in there!" She wailed again in response to the thought.

     "You better behave, then, shouldn't you?"

     "Yes, Master, I promise! Please don't put me back there!"

     "Well, you made Jake very angry when you kicked him. He let you out so I could see you, but I'm pretty sure he'd just as soon put you back in for a long time." She leaned down, resting her head on my bare foot as she pleaded. I couldn't help admire how restricted her arms were, forced up her back.

     "No! Please, no, I promise to be good, I promise! I'll do anything."

     "Hmmm, anything? I hear Jake wouldn't mind making you a toilet for the house. Would you do that to avoid going into the Hole?" Amy looked away, trying to conceal her revulsion at the thought. Her answer was almost a whisper.

     "I am your slave. I will serve you any way you wish, just please, not the Hole." She looked up at him with wet eyes, pleading.

     "I'll tell you what I want," Mark said. "I want you to be my rubber doll."

     "You mean like Tawney, Master?"

     "Yes, like Tawney. Fully covered in rubber, no sight, no sound, no sense of touch except what you can feel through the rubber. I've always wanted my own rubber doll." Amy was panting. Mark wasn't sure if if the vibrator had turned on again or she was panicking. It wasn't much of a choice, considering both were fairly severe forms of sensory deprivation. She began to cry again. "It's rubber doll or the Hole again. Decide now, but this will be your last decision, maybe forever."

     "May the slave ask one question, Master?"

     "Yes, you may."

     "How long would you keep me as a rubber doll?"

     "As far as you're concerned, it might be permanent. But at least you'll get to please me, which is what you live for now." Amy cried openly now, nodding,

     "I would choose to be your rubber doll, Master," she whispered, resigned to her fate.

     Upon returning to the surface after his experience with Amy, Mark had met another shock, namely Tawney. She was still Jake's rubber doll. He quickly came to realize that Tawney had been kept like that for over three years now, her small form still coated in head to toe rubber. Still Jake was reluctant to release her,  but he agreed that after years in sensory deprivation, it might be wise to see if she still was sane. Mark found the whole concept otherworldly, and though he knew they were talking about his little sister, he found it hard to believe it was really her.

     Jake had admitted he thought it strange when he had received a letter from Mark the spring after Tawney had stayed with he and Amy. He found it even more curious that Mark was asking him to train Amy. The letter was quite specific in essence, in that he wanted her to be "put through her paces" and that Jake should "pull out all the stops," with little reference to actual training methods. It had made specific reference to isolation and control. The note had said that she preferred to fight, enhancing the feeling that this was all non-consensual. In Mark's own hand it had said, "the more she struggles the more she likes it." Considering what the letter suggested, a skeptical Jake had carefully compared handwriting to ensure it was really Mark, and after repeated attempts to call him, Jake had put it out of his mind. It wasn't until mid April that he had received a crate with a zip tied Amy struggling inside. In an envelope with her she had written a letter stating she wished to become a slave, to be trained fully by Jake until Mark joined them. Jake had happily complied.

     Clearly Amy had no idea what she was asking. Mark had only referred to Jake in vague terms, and her experience with Tawney as their rubber doll had seemed simple. She hadn't envisioned what it would be like to be encases as Mark's sister was. It was her ignorance, as well as Mark's prolonged disappearance that had sealed her fate. Mark was watching the first DVD, with Amy stretched taught in a back bending position. Her body was in a stringent spread eagle, facing up. The device was designed to stretch her wide, then push a bar into her back near the base, forcing her to bend backward. The wrist and ankle supports would move down at the same time until her body was nearly at a 90 degree angle. She was completely immobile, her head strapped back so she faced the opposite wall. Tiny rivulets of sweat moved across her rigid body. The camera stayed on this image for some time. After watching for 10 minutes, Mark was about to fast forward to some action, when a soft click echoed from the tape. Amy groaned. It was then that Mark looked closer, noticing how the system was designed to slowly stretch its victim more and more. The click was a ratchet system connected to her wrists and ankles, pulling her one inch tighter. His eyes dropped down to the time code at the bottom of the window. He noticed how it now showed hour eight when before it had said hour three. As he watched, it jumped again, this time to hour fourteen, and Mark realized that Amy had been in this position for at least eleven hours. Another click echoed in the chamber. Mark was now fascinated, watching closer. Over the next fifteen minutes, the time code jumped five more times, and as he saw Jake enter the room finally, he realized that he had just witnessed an intense thirty two hour stretching session.

     Jake moved to Amy, stroking her tortured abdomen. Her skin was as taught as an inflated balloon.

     "What a treat," Jake said as his hand caressed Amy's bare skin. "I wish I could thank Mark now for this opportunity. I think you'll make an excellent slave." He let his hand move down to her exposed pussy.

     "Thank you, Master," Amy whispered. Mark could see even on the video that Amy was trying to prove she could endure, but he could also see the fear in her eyes. Jake's fingers entered her pussy. Amy gasped. Soon he pulled out, letting his damp fingers reach her anus. With the lubricant he was able to push into her ass quickly. She grunted again, and Mark could see a small tear forming in her eye. After a moment, Jake pulled out and moved to her face, presenting his fingers to her mouth.

     "Lick," he commanded. Amy looked at him in revulsion.

     "No, Master. Not that," she pleaded. Jake reached his other hand to her nipple, twisting harshly.

     "I didn't ask you, slut," He barked. "You're a slave now. What you want or don't want is of no concern. You are here to serve me, Mark, and anyone else we command, and in any way we see fit. Now lick my fingers clean." He presented his fingers again and twisted her nipple harder. Amy's mouth flew open and she sucked eagerly, tears rolling down her face. Jake soon pulled his fingers free, leaving Amy to endure the horrible taste, while he continued examining her. His hands groped her breasts.

     "I think some hormone treatment to grow out these breasts, coupled with waist training, should do you some good," Jake said. "I think we can grow these 36D's to a 36 triple F in about six months." Amy had begun to cry, but didn't react until his next comment. "I've got a new design on my permanent chastity device. It's now designed to stimulate you enough to keep you on the brink of orgasm at all times, with no release. I think that's far worse than no contact, don't you?"

     "Please! No! Don't do those things to me! I don't really want to be a slave!  I just wanted to prove to Mark that I could do it! Please stop. Call Mark. He'll tell you!" As she continued to plead, Mark calmly grabbed a ballgag, then walked around to her face, before kneeling down to her eye level.

     "So you don't really want to be a slave," he asked, stroking her hair.

     "No! I wanted to try it for a little while, but only until Mark came to visit. I wanted him to be proud of me, but I never wanted anything permanent! You were just kidding about that stuff, weren't you?" Amy's pleading eyes searched Jake's face.

     "You experienced Mark's sister Tawney, didn't you?" Amy nodded. "Do you think that, after receiving a letter from Mark telling me that you wanted nothing more than to be the ultimate slave, I would let him, and you, down?" Amy began to panic again, new tears running from her eyes.

     "It was a prank, just a joke," she mumbled. "I only wanted to show Mark I could do it…" Jake continued to stroke her hair, before suddenly shoving the ballgag into her mouth. It was huge, filling her jaws. He strapped it on as tight as he could pull.

     "Mark said you'd fight," he said has he as he went to a tray beside the table. He tapped a hypodermic to make sure no air was trapped. "I'm gonna be nice and knock you out for awhile, Amy. When you wake up you'll officially be a slave." Amy screamed behind her gag, trying to struggle, but the table held her firm. Sheer panic covered her face as she fought what she knew had become her fate. Jake calmly used a alcohol swab on her arm before sticking the needle in. Amy was frantic, and Mark could just imagine the sheer terror that she was going through. He was certain the true weight of slavery to Jake had set in.

     As the drug began to take hold, Jake stroked her hair. "We'll start with permanently removing all this lovely hair." Amy's eyes went wide and with one final whisper of protest, she lost consciousness.

     Mark looked down at his rubber doll Amy, practically indistinguishable from Tawney, except for the larger breasts and heavier piercings. He watched her rubberized tongue work over his cock, her newly capped rubber teeth creating an additional warm sensation as they touched the shaft. He stroked her smooth rubber head, noting the lack of any sign of eyes or ears. Only the heavy titanium ring dangling from her septum broke the seamless form. With the remote he turned the DVD carousel and selected a new sequence.

     The time stamp said it was only three weeks later. The image was of a mirrored room. In the center was Amy. Hairless now as Mark had seen her taken from the cage, with her extensive piercings as well, though her breasts seemed to be still original size, or nearly so. She was kneeling on the floor, her body naked except for the gleaming metal of cuffs and collar, as well as the chastity belt and corset. Her hands were trapped in what appeared to be tight rubber bags, with her wrists pulled wide from her body. Heavy chain locked them to rings in the floor. Similar chains attached to each side of her collar and then to the walls, holding her upright. She was forced into her kneeling position with these chains, along with another that extended from her nose ring to a ring in the floor in front of her.

     Mark watched closely as her only input, that of her chastity belt, attacked her clit. She clearly had been enduring this for several weeks, but he could still see her breathing quicken. She closed her eyes as the machine brought her close to orgasm when suddenly her face twisted in pain. New tears followed the trail of many past as she groaned in despair.

     After fifteen minutes the vibrators clearly started again, this time taking longer but resulting in the same. Mark recalled Jake's proposed modification and quickly realized what his ex-girlfriend was experiencing. Fully automated, the unit over her clit would not only vibrate but pulse as well, quickly bringing its victim close to orgasm. A newly added feature detected when she was on the brink, shutting off the vibrator and replacing it with harsh shocks to needles sunk into the base of her clit. Not only was Amy not allowed to orgasm, while being kept near the brink at all times, but each close call was rewarded with a strong electric zap.

     A panel opened revealing Jake. Closing the mirrored door behind him, he admired Amy's chained form.

     "How are you doing, Amy," he asked, touching her smooth skull. Amy, weakened and humiliated by her torment couldn't even look to him.

      "Please let me go," she mumbled, unseen piercings on her tongue disrupting her speech. "I don't want any of this. Please stop." Mark just smiled.

     "Oh, I don't think so. Mark's letter was quite clear, and you agreed to anything I wanted to do. You set no time limit nor any limits on modifications, permanent or otherwise."

     "No! I wrote that letter! It wasn't him," she cried. Mark grabbed her hips, lifting her up on to her feet. She had to bend over to avoid yanking on her nose ring, creating a perfect target for Jake.

     "I'm sure you'd say anything to stop now, wouldn't you? Considering you probably expected being tied up and abused, maybe fucked. But that's not what I'm about, and Mark knows that. He may not seem like it, but deep down he's just like me. He used to dream about a pain slut like you, that he could torture and abuse. I think you'll fit that bill just right." Jake lowered his pants and lined up for entry. "Now let's work more on your anal skills. Remember, you'll never experience vaginal penetration again, so you better learn to like this!" He pushed in hard as Amy cried out, unable to resist.

     Mark switched chapters, finding a familiar view, a fixed camera in the small room leading to the Hole. After a moment, Jake entered, pulling a terrified Amy behind him via a chain to her nose ring. Mark had to admire his ex-girlfriend in this image, even though he knew that she was being transformed against her will. She was still naked, with only piercings, corset and chastity belt on her body. A new addition of ballet shoes had her prancing on her toes despite the two links of chain holding her ankle cuffs close. Her arms were locked behind her at wrist and elbow, the upper arms cuffs literally connected together, forcing her shoulders back, with her wrist cuffs merged as well. Both hands now disappeared into a single rubber bag.

     Mark could swear Amy's breasts had already grown, their already lovely form rounding out a bit. Amy was gagged, tossing her head in defiance against the leash that Jake tugged on. The ballet shoes highlighted her long legs. Mark couldn't help but get excited seeing her controlled like this. He placed his hand on the back of her rubberized head and pushed his further expanding cock down her throat. With the feeding tube in place and nose tubes for breathing, he could literally fill her mouth, even  pressing deep into her throat. Obediently, Amy held the new position, letting her tongue swirl around his shaft. Jake's voice brought Mark's eyes back to the screen. Jake pulled off the ballgag.

     "Are you enjoying being my slave, Amy," Jake asked as he caressed her pierced nipples.

     "No, Master," Amy said quietly.

     "Well, you now live for Mark, and for myself, so it doesn't matter if you're enjoying yourself." A shudder moved through Amy's body and Jake reached down to her chastity device, patting it gently. "How do you like your new friend?" Amy's eyes lowered further, humiliation spreading across her face.

     "I don't like it, Master." Jake laughed as Amy began to pant again.

     "I think my modifications are working well. I thought Tawney's device was good in that it goes on immediately when she's calmed down. Yours seems to be much more torturous in that it is much more random. It may turn on five times in a row, followed each time by that shock to your clit, but sometimes it may not turn on for a couple days. It prevents your body from just learning to endure. Instead, you can be brought close to a real orgasm before it punishes you." Just as he finished, the belt shut off, pumping electricity into her clit. Amy cried out in pain. "Do you find that worse than Tawney's?"

     "Yes, sir," she gasped. "It hurts. Please make it stop!"

     "I’m sorry to say, but it's permanent, Amy. You'll experience that for the rest of your life." Amy moaned again, tears rolling down her cheeks.

     "I don't want to be a slave," she cried softly. "I don't want to be modified. Please, let me go."

     "I can't do that, Amy. It's too late. You've just experienced a little of the changes I've got in store for you. Now I want to introduce you to a new feature of the house. Let's get you ready." Mark attached her nose leash to a dangling chain before reaching for the winch. As he started lifting the slabs and steel, he explained. "We call this the Hole, and you'll be the first to experience it. I've always been fascinated by sensory deprivation and the Hole is sort of the ultimate answer." Amy watched with wide eyes as the first massive slab lifted up, then the metal plate, and finally the second stone. As the cage raised up, she began to pull away, stopped by a painful twist on her nose ring. She was beginning to guess her fate. As Mark lifted out the steel plates that closed off the small box, revealing the tiny cage inside, he could hear her whimper.

     "The concept is ultimate sensory deprivation. You go in that cage, chained in place, with attachments for feeding and waste removal. Then you're lowered in the hole, which is about sixty feet deep, by the way, then sealed in with these thick slabs." Amy was in shock now, standing rigid as she stared at Jake, tears pouring down her face.

     "Wa… what happens to me down there?" Jake unhooked her nose chain, leading her to the edge of the Hole.

     "Well, nothing, actually. There won't be any visible light, no sound. I keep the temperature constant. Food will be put directly into your stomach so you won't eat, and waste will be taken away as well. I guess all you'll have to focus on is your belt." Amy looked to Jake, then fell into him.

     "Oh, please, Master! Don't put me down there! Please, I beg you! I'll do anything you ask, I'll never do anything wrong again, just don't put me down there! Please!" The desperation in her voice made Mark wince until he remembered that it had already happened. Her knees had collapsed as she rested against Jake. The fear had nearly made her lose consciousness.

     "Let's just get you in position. Maybe I'll only keep you down there for a few hours, just to see how it is." Amy seemed encouraged by this, though Mark could tell Jake was lying. She was so desperate for any hope she was unable to see it.

     "Let's get you prepared." He pulled her to the cage, forcing her to her knees. A heavy bag of chains were dumped out beside her and he began to attach them. The first chain, from collar to newly placed thigh cuffs held her in a bent position. Loose chains from ankles to wrist cuffs, as well as to elbow cuffs, began to weigh her down. Somewhat lighter chains, though still heavy, attached nipple rings to nose ring. Reaching behind her, Jake used a special wrench to tighten her severe corset further, causing Amy to burst into tears while trying to find breath, despite the considerable compression. Jake then coerced Amy into the cage. From behind, Jake pushed a rubber tube and its gasket against the fitting for her vaginal dildo until it clicked into position. A long anal plug was greased then slid into her anus, locking to a fitting at the base of the belt. Another tube connected to it dangled out.

     "Open your mouth," Jake ordered. Amy, terrified, obeyed. Jake pushed a rubber mouth mold into her mouth.  The mass fit to the inside of her teeth, pressing her tongue to the bottom of her mouth. The design fit perfectly, removing not only Amy's use of her tongue but effectively gagging her. Like a spring, the rubber resisted flexing, only pushing her mouth back open again as she struggled to close it. Mark ignored her whining protests, selecting a long tube and sliding it through the hole at the end of the mold.

     "Swallow," he ordered. Amy fought it for a moment, but soon the relentless pressure combined with her body's instinct, forced her to comply. As the tube reached her stomach the end in her mouth clicked into position, locking it in place. Without delay, he pushed the larger tube into her mouth until it clicked into the back gasket.  Final chains connected to her neck, holding her face in the middle of the cage, before he winched in the two end plates. Once placed, Jake attached the feeding tube line to the gasket in the metal plate, following suit with the vaginal and anal tubes. There was enough slack to allow Amy to move without pulling or bending the tubes. He finished placing the top, side and backside plates, sliding the rivets into place on the seams to hold them firmly. Amy was beginning to panic, unsure what she was facing. Jake faced her from the side.

     "Ok, you're set. The anal and vaginal tubes will provide enemas and douches from time to time. The feeding tube will provide nourishment on regular intervals. That's about it." Amy was crying quietly, her pleading eyes asking the obvious question, "I'm sorry, but I lied. I'm gonna keep you down there until Mark shows up, which at this point should be about two months or so. That is, unless something happens, then it could be longer!" Jake chuckled as Amy screamed despite the feeding tube, trying to fight against her bonds. "Don't bother struggling, Amy. You're helpless. You're not getting out of this. That's what being my slave is about. You got to see how Tawney lives now, and you're no different. You think this is bad, just wait. I can do worse." Amy's cries turned to panic stricken fear as Jake lowered the last panel into place. Three black rubber tubes extending up from the Hole were fit to the appropriate attachments extending from the metal prison and quickly Jake was lowering the cage down to the bottom. After moments, the final plug was in place, leaving Amy to her torment.

     The DVD's went on and on. Mark watched as Amy was taken out after four months in the hole. He could see her breasts had grown, though they still were somewhat reasonable. She seemed almost catatonic as he pulled her out of the cage, unsure if she was dreaming or this was reality. Jake wasted no time in making further modifications. Amy, though subdued at first from her horrible experience, still had enough fight to cry at Jake's announcement that he was going to remove her teeth in favor of the rubberized caps like Tawney wore, and to make her piercings permanent. Another section showed the twins using Amy as their toy, sitting on her face and teaching her to lick their asses, before putting on strap on dildos and taking turns between Amy's mouth and ass. Mark wasn't sure when it had happened, but he noticed during one of the sections that Amy's arms had been trained to reverse prayer. Over the two weeks he watched as Amy was flogged, tortured and bound, but she still maintained a sense of defiance in some way or another. Eventually he got to her kick to the crotch. Jake was furious, and didn't hesitate in dragging her back to the Hole. At that point Amy was frantic, trying to apologize, offering her mouth, her ass, anything to prevent a visit to the Hole. Jake ignored her completely, forcing her back into the tiny cage. Before sealing it up, he shared his only words with her.

     "As you probably figured, Mark isn't coming. That means you're mine. I'm sick of your attitude and have other things I would prefer to deal with. So this time you're going in to the Hole for years, maybe permanently. You may spend the rest of your life down there, thinking about how you should have just accepted that you're a slave. Goodbye." With  a clang he dropped the final panel in place and lowering her down. Her screams slowly diminished.

     Mark was enjoying the tandem tongues of the twins on his cock and balls, watching them lick up either side, then kiss with his shaft in between. Both girls had been fitted with their own chastity belt as well, and though they were very willing submissives, the intensity of the belts made them all the more eager to please. Whether an attribute they already had, or if it was learned once they had no choice, both had learned to orgasm with only anal penetration, and had even learned if they tongued each other's asses they could come as well. For the first few months they came more times than in the previous years combined, largely because their belts helped them get close to orgasm, and a sister's well placed tongue finished the job. Even the shocks that accompanied that proximity added to their pleasure. Jake had to come up with something different that might slow them down. The first was to disable the belts all together, so they received no stimulation at all. Despite this, the girls still managed to bring each other to orgasm, perhaps with longer sessions, but nonetheless in defiance to Jake's wishes. He considered removing their tongues, but both men agreed that would be as much a punishment for them as to girls. In the end a small amount of electronics manipulation served them both. The belts were adjusted to return to their original state, in keeping both girls on the brink of orgasm only to deliver shocks to bring them back down. Now, however, if the girls tried to pleasure each other, both belts would deliver an extended and increased amount of shocks to their clits.

     Mark and Jake enjoyed watching the first discovery of this feature via the closed circuit TV system. Left alone, Blush and Pout began to fondle and kiss each other until Pout moved behind Blush to begin licking her anus. On first contact, both bodies jolted in pain, pulling apart and writhing on the floor as they grasped their concealed crotches. The shocks lasted ten minutes, pulsating to increase the intensity. After the electricity shut off, the girls, panting from the pain, tried it again, this time Blush to Pout. Once again they found themselves experiencing the harsh shocks.

     "I had it rigged so it has a proximity sensor. If they kiss or touch above the belt, or even below the knees, it's fine. But anywhere around the crotch they'll get those shocks." Mark smiled at the devious ploy.

      As Mark enjoyed their tongues, he watched Jake practice his single tail whip on one of the new slaves. A tiny asian beauty who had answered an ad, she had turned into their practice canvas. As she stood on her ballet shoes, her head fully hooded, her body was crisscrossed in scars and welts. Jake was adding more to her large breasts, her body bucking in response to each stroke. Unlike the other girls her breasts had been squeezed out by metal bands at their base. Mark had watched Jake put them on, the thin metal spikes sinking into her skin to hold them in place. The result pushed her breasts out, forming a better target for the whip. She had signed a five year contract, though after the fist three months had begged for release. Jake, as usual, ignored her. Soon, the girl came to accept her fate, and now challenged Pout and Blush regularly for most obedient and most masochistic member of their household. The fourth member, a tall redhead named Carrie, was standing rigidly in the corner, her body cast in clear plastic resin. Jake had loved the idea of a slave completely controlled, yet able to experience time, unlike the Hole. He had devised the encasement for long term use. Tubes, like used in the Hole, kept Carrie alive, though their more high tech design make them far less evident. What was left was a naked, pierced and corsetted girl trapped in perfect and stringent spread eagle, like a bug in clear plastic. She had no ability to hear or speak, of course, but her eyes remained alive as she watched the world go by around her. The difference between Carrie and the other girls is that she chose this fate, signing up for the role, then picking her own date of release through random draw. A two sided clock set into the resin near the top edge, visible to both the room and to Carrie, counted back, while another date remained the same. She had a little less than six years to go.

     Mark wondered when they were going to bring up Amy and Tawney. It had been three years since Mark had made Amy his rubber doll, and only six months after that when he realized that he was bored with her. Three months before that, Jake had announced he was going to put Tawney in the hole. He had removed her from the rubber doll role as Amy had replaced her, and it took her two months to return to some sense of normal. It was Tawney who heard about her coming stint in the hole. She had only recovered for three days when Jake had told her, and though tears streamed down her eyes, she didn't argue. Even as he fitted her in the cage, she was quiet. Mark knew then that she had accepted her fate.

     Jake suggested they put Amy away as well, while they focused on the twins and new girls.  A second Hole was created and after a year with Amy as his rubber doll, he put her in the cage and lowered her back down. Both Tawney and Amy had been stored away for over four years now, and though they were kept alive with machines, Mark was sure that Tawney might be permanently affected. Amy, though rubberized, must have realized what had happened,, considering her immobility and lack of use. It wasn't until she was down there for a few months that Jake admitted Mark could activate a speaker in her ear plugs and talk to her. Mark jumped at the chance.

     "Hello, Amy," he said into the small microphone, watching the infrared camera outside the box. It only showed the steel, but it helped for him to have something to look at. "I bet you're wondering what happened. Well, I know I promised one or the other, but I lied. I did make you a rubber doll, as you know, but I got tired of you. You're in the Hole now, in case you couldn't tell. Jake and I are going to keep you down there for a long time. It's sort of an experiment, really. You see, we don't think you've truly been broken. We think you are resigned to being a slave, but haven't truly accepted it. So we're going to give you some years to think about it, alone in the Hole. When we take you out, we may just have to keep you as a rubber doll since you may not be good for much else, but at least you'll be broken. Don't fret. You can live alone down there with the knowledge that you have company. Six feet through the stone behind you is my sister Tawney. Jake decided to store her away as well. Now just relax and enjoy your little metal box. I won't speak to you for a long time, if ever again. Just remember that I warned you back at school, that slavery to me and Jake wouldn't be easy. Now you realize I was right." He flipped off the switch, plunging her back into silence.

     He could almost swear he hear a blood curdling scream before he switched off the camera.



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