Jenna Lyte and ballet shoes fetish

Free bondage photos blog 6 June 2020

Jenna Lyte

This isn't just any lingerie site though. The cafe is all about fetish - and what better way of showing it then to have Ms Lyte don my brand new pair of {qualifetish} ballet shoes? Jewel found these ultra sexy little puppies a few months back and I finally got off my butt and ordered myself a pair. I think these are the sexiest ballet shoes I have ever seen. I'm sure Karina is drooling somewhere right now - just looking at them. (Don't worry sweetie, I'll make sure to have them available the next time we get together... :)

These shoes are the closest things I have seen to Willie shoes... the only difference with his is that through the magic of art, he could make the shoes appear to *not* to be ballet shoes - well, this isn't a drawing - this is the real thing. They only way you can get someone's foot pointing this straight down is for the girl to be standing on the tips of her toes... Luckily, for everyone here, Jenna was willing to endure them (and that is the correct term).

Jenna Lyte ballet shoes

ballet boots maid

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