Chrissy M. - Stood Up... again with crotchrope

Free bondage photos blog 14 July 2020

Chrissy M bondage

These pictures come from our first shoot a couple months ago. This was when Crissy found out my prediliction for making gorgeous girls stand in those horrible 6" heels. She knows all about it now... but this was her opportunity to experience it for the first time... She did very well...

Of course, those heels aren't the only part of this that is difficult. The other part is that rope that is holding her in place. It is tight enough so she can't move around too much. All she can really do is struggle and whimper... which she does very well... :)

Crissy has her own webpage for you to get to know her better. Tell her that I sent you over. I'm sure she'd be glad that you said hi... :) {}

I can't wait until she comes back out our way to shoot again. It is always a great experience. Thanks Crissy for looking some scrumptious in those heels... :)

Chrissy M crotchrope bondage

crotchrope high heels bondage latex bondage

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