Nicole Sheridan drooling and ball-gagged in latex dress

Free bondage photos blog 16 July 2020

Nicole Sheridan drooling bondage

I got this dress in the mail a couple weeks ago and Nicole was the first to wear it. Jewel was there when she tried it on and commented that it was made for her... I tend to agree... even if it was a chore to put on (it always is... but a nice chore).

She is...

Nicole, as you know isn't a "shy" girl. She pretty much just goes for it when she's tied.

Her friend who was with her remarked that she never knew she was so good at the "bondage thing". Well, folks... here's some news...

I feel in love with the picture above left... it's just adorable... Nikki was looking at these as I was taking them (I'll explain that a bit later) and she was very happy with the one one the right. She commented that it looked like a completely different position because of the way her body is positioned. Note the rope coming from her wrists... All she can do is pull...

Damn, that dress was *tight*. Just take a look at her lovely breasts just dying to free themselves...

Yep... I think Jewel was right when she said it was made for her... :)

The day of this shoot, I woke up with the flu... and I was seriously thinking about just staying in bed, but Michael King aka Viking from {Tied Girls} was in town and he had lent me his new Canon D30 digital EOS camera to try out. I normally use a Canon A2E, so all my lenses and accessories worked on it. I'm not sure what you all think, but there is definately something to be said for the digital revolution. I'm not sure if I am ready to turn in my analog camera just yet, but I have to say that the results certainly make it tempting...

Thanks Nicole for making it all come together... It's been way too long... I wasn't gonna hug you the way I was feeling (I can't give this cold to another person), so the best I can do is give you a nice cyber version instead... *HUGS*... ;) As always, you were fab.

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