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It took only minutes for Emily to get Christina dressed in her new outfit - but her new bondage took much longer. Christina didn't understand exactly what the doctor had in store for her until she was tying the vibrator in place against her crotch. By this point, she couldn't complain. The soft doughy knot of the gag in her mouth made that impossible.

Once Emily was satisfied with the positioning, she turned the vibrator on and then without another word, left the room. Christina looked at the empty door in shock. She couldn't believe it, Emily had really left her like this. She pulled at her hands, and twisted her body. It was useless, the ropes were too tight and the knots too secure.

A wave of helplessness washed over her and with it a huge orgasm. Christina's entire body rocked and then slowly came back to earth - or was it. The vibrator was still on and she couldn't get away from it. That thought pushed her over the edge again. After five orgasms, her crotch was on fire and still, she couldn't stop the endless wave of pleasure that shot through her.

She pulled at her bondage, but all it did was make the ropes around her that much tighter. Emily had done her job well and the more Christina struggled, the more insatible her sexual inferno burned out of control within her. Minutes turned into a half an hour - and then longer - She wasn't sure how much more of this she could take.

Almost on cue, Emily returned, but rather than turn the vibrator off, she grabbed it and pushed it harder into Christina's crotch. Christina came instantly.

She pulled at her bondage, screaming into her gag in ecstasy and still Emily wouldn't give in...

A huge torrent of drool slid from her mouth on to her heaving breasts she was out of her mind - almost completely gone - and then it was over. Emily was carefully untying her. Christina's mind came back slowly. Emily had released something within her - and she suddenly wanted a little revenge.

She grabbed Emily by the hair and pulled her down.

'What - What are you doing?!' Emily cried.

'I think you need a little of your own medicine.' Christina said coldly.

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