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Chantelle Wittington, the young heiress to the Wittington fortune, has lived alone in the family mansion for a year, attended only by her maid and her cook. About four months ago Chantelle came under the spell of 'Ms. Dominique', a dominant lesbian that she met on the internet.

Three months ago, Ms. Dominique injected Chantelle with triaminol-diphosphate, an otherwise useless drug that apparently does nothing except block the brain's ability to signal the onset of orgasm. It works only on females, but that's all she cares about, for now.

Chantelle hasn't had an orgasm since, although Ms. Dominique keeps her constantly hovering right on the edge of one, for most of the day and night. Dominique employs her faithful assistant, Dante, who is a somewhat sex-crazed, but otherwise loyal dwarf, to do much of the teasing, but she enjoys tormenting Chantelle personally for at least a couple of hours each day just to sneer at her moaning and shivering, and gasping for air. The maid and the cook are actually delighted to take an occasional turn, as Chantelle was not very nice to them as she was growing up.

Dominique has already 'persuaded' Chantelle to sign over all of her worldly possessions, including the mansion, leaving her literally penniless. This was a masochistic fantasy that Chantelle had masturbated to since she was a teenager. Sometimes fantasies should be left as just fantasies, as the reality is quite often far more than you can handle. As she drools and moans, and begs for the relief of an orgasm that she constantly craves, and will probably never get, Chantelle realizes too late the wisdom in that adage. In the meantime, a smug and self-satisfied Dominique LaValle is having a wonderful time enjoying her own childhood fantasies come to life! (Work that naughty little clit, Dominique!)

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