Jenni Lee - Straps and a Singleglove - to stay please

Free bondage photos blog 13 August 2020

Jenni Lee armbinder bondage

This is one of those... well combinations that really just *goes* together. A singleglove and straps. I've done it before, and I'm sure I'll do it again... It is just so much fun to watch a girl struggle with absolutely no chance of escape.

The addition of the blindfold just makes it all that much better. This particular one I made quite awhile ago... and yet I still love using it... Poor Jenni didn't know where I was... or what I was going to do next... :)

Of course another nice piece of leather equipment is this lovely eight buckle ball gag. Large enough to even keep this feisty girl in check. Sometimes I am amazed that girls this cute love being tied up as much as they do...




Jenni Lee leather panel gagged

armbinder single sleeve leather bondage high heels bondage gagged

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