Emily Marilyn singleglove and latex

Free bondage photos blog 15 August 2020

Emily Marilyn latex heels

If there is one thing you can be sure of with Emily, it is this: You put her elbows together and then make sure she can't pull them apart, she just kinda melts... in a good way.

I chose the dress and the shoes just because she has such long legs. Is there a better way to bring out that sort of asset?

The straps and singleglove came out just because I was in the mood. It took Emily all of about a few seconds to get in the mood too. With Emily, that mood is measured in hip gyrations.

After I gave her a bit of time to test out her situation, I pulled off her shoes and dug my fingernails into the soles of her feet. This is something that I just know that Emily likes. Chock that one up to knowing her for as many years as I have.

Emily Marilyn armbinder in latex

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