Mary Jane maid in bondage

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Mary Jane bondage maid

Mary Jane, the girl with the endless legs (they really do seem to go on forever, don't they?) shows us just why she is "maid" for bondage.

Sexy, Sexy, Sexy...

Mary Jane loves to kick off her shoes so I figured if I wanted to take a few pictures of her with them on, I would have to tie them there...

A nice gagging sequence shot wonderfully by Blaze... I think the expression says it all...

Mary Jane should just wear stockings all the time. Even when she goes to sleep at night. Those little lines going up the back of her legs - pointing the way... ooofa!

She certainly does love showing those legs off, doesn't she...

Mary Jane maid stockings and high heels cleave gagged and tied Mary Jane

maid gagged stockings high heels bondage

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