Mary Jane hogtied maid

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Mary Jane hogtied

I decided to do a classic hogtie with the hands to her ankles... I know you can't pull the legs back as far this way, but it has other advantages... ;)

I should have probably kept the ropes around her shoes, but I used those lengths to hogtie her... hmmm... you can guess what happened next...

Of course there is a bright side... Mary Janes very cute feet... :)

Yep... I can't really say that I'm that overly upset about her losing her shoes. It's really too bad I didn't take the opportunity to tickle them... she's just so ticklish... However, that would have changed the feel of this scene so I didn't want to...

Ah... free at last.

These are some of my favorite types of pictures. Those moments when the girls finally are freed. {[wmbc27555b.jpg]}

It's just such an intimite time... full of hushed emotion and little smiles... Damn... cute is just too short a word...

Mary Jane black high heels tied maid Mary Jane free after bondage

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