Karina in symmetrical pantyhose frog tie

Free bondage photos blog 22 August 2020

Karina pantyhose frog tie

This is one of those ties that I really just so of winged. I knew I wanted to do something with a frog tie, but it quickly turned into this... one of the most symmetrical ties I've done in a long time (more on that later)...

The pantyhose are sort of an old fashioned variety - all nylon... which is cool because they don't have that horrid "black ankle syndrome" going on...

Damn... I have to say so myself - this is one of those ties that doesn't come along very often...

I'm not sure you'll ever see it again...

Normally the front or the back of a bondage looks good - but rarely both. Here is an exception. Now you can really start to see how symmetrical it turned out to be - and yet again, it was all just another improvisation... {[wmbc27626b.jpg]}

It's fun with bondage turns out well. It doesn't happen all that often, but when it does happen, it's magical. All this and she was completely and utterly helpless. Pretty freakin' cool eh?

The hard part about this tie was the feet - and after a period of time, I untied that portion to give Karina a break. {[wmbc27637z.jpg]}

The tie may have lost something in looks and certainly in strictness, but it also allowed her to stay tied up a lot longer and that was a very good thing!

See, she wasn't about to roll around with her feet tied... not a problem anymore...


A lovely knot in just the right place is such a wonderful thing, isn't it?

Karina thinks so too... :)

Just on a whim, I ended the scene with a few choice rope additions... and a nice gag thrown in for good measure... Just tie it all together and you have instant stringent bondage in a can!

Thanks sweetheart... you are always such an inspiration... next time we're gonna have to use that red corset... I promise!

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