Randy Moore singleglove and latex neck corset/gag

Free bondage photos blog 26 August 2020

Randy Moore singleglove bondage

Here is something that is a bit different - or maybe if you've noticed that I've been into singlegloves lately, maybe it's not - but this is certainly a twist on the subject. Mainly due to the outfit and the addition of the latex neck corset/gag... Something that works unbelievably well, but strangely doesn't always look good on some girls - but Randy Moore?

Well, let's just say that the manufacturers of these lovely items would probably love for her to model this for their advertisements. They certainly would sell a bunch of them... :)

If you were wondering, no, she really can't turn her head at all and the corset forces her head up and into a position where she can't lower it or lift it anymore... fabulous stuff.

Here is something that I don't use that often - latex stockings. In this case, with the addition of the always sexy latex corselette - they create the most incredible butt shots EVER... oh my...

While I love the whole idea of having the lovely Miss Moore unable to move - that brings up loads of possibilities right there - sometimes, it really is a lot more fun to watch a girl be able to struggle a bit.

So the first step was to remove the harness that was holding her singleglove in place - and then I decided that it would be nice to change things up completely and just use the straps.

But in the meantime, I gave Randy a bit of time to recooperate. Plus it gave me a chance to take some truly sexy photos...

Interesting thing though. Regardless of whether I removed the harness and the singleglove, it seems that pesky neck corset really does just change everything. I guess it would be like when you wake up and can't move your neck, only sexier... :)

And though she can't voice her appreciation of just how sexy this all makes her feel - well, those muffled noises say plenty, believe me...

I'm sure that I'm in the minority when it comes to the whole nylon covered crotch thing. I don't have to be a genius to understand that.

It certainly is a good thing that I don't have to deal with some sort of corporate focus group when it comes to what I publish. Because you know sometimes it is good to be in the minority...

And finally we end with a few pictures of one of my favorite angles - that shot from the back with those elbows wedged tightly together... it is a shame I can't get her to look back at me - but sometimes there are sacrifices you have to make...

Randy Moore neck corset Randy Moore latex bondage gagged

armbinder posture collar latex bondage single sleeve gagged

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