Sasha Monet and Amber Michaels bondage adventures - 1

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Pool Party

Amber strutted over to the rack and picked up the cue ball, swaying her hips as she went.

'So, 8 ball - normal rules, right?' She asked, watching her friend Sasha slide over to her.

'Sounds good to me. Ball in hand for scratches right?' Sasha said, picking up the chalk and applying it slowly to the tip of her cue.

'That is the rule, isn't it?' Amber said, with just a twinge of haughtiness in her voice.

'And the wager?'

'The winner belongs to the loser for the weekend.' Amber replied, walking back to the table. Sasha licked her lips as she watched Amber's rear snap back and forth with each step.

'You call it.' Amber said, flipping the coin.


The coin flipped through the air and landed on the slate table with a metallic ting. It was Tails.

'It's going to be a pleasure to watch you squirm.' Amber said, placing the cue ball on the table.

'Don't get all cocky, you have to win first.' Sasha shot back.

Amber slammed the cue ball into the pack and the balls exploded with a sharp crack. After a few moments the 12 ball slid softly into the side pocket. Amber bent over and confidently slapped another stripe into the corner.

Sasha responded by bending over herself, showing as much cleavage as possible - Amber missed. The rules went right out the window from there. Each girl made a point of doing her best to distract the other as they were shooting; The fewer balls that were left on the table, the more insane their antics became.

It didn't seem to matter to Amber, she withstood it all and with a bit of luck she ended up with a simple 8 ball shot in the corner to win the game.

'You're toast.' Amber said, grabbing the chalk. Eight Ball, corner pocket.

'I doubt it.' Sasha replied as she by climbed up on the table and spread her long sexy legs.

'You're just making it easier for me to concentrate on the center of the pocket.' Sasha said.

'Unfortunately for you, I know you far too well.' Sasha cooed, as she slowly removed her high heels.

'Now that's not fair.'

'Ummm… Stockings... Silky sheer, black stockings.' Sasha continued, slowly sliding her legs together. 'I've had dreams of you all tied up - licking my stocking feet - sucking on the seams…'

Amber tried her best to keep her mind on the game, but her friend did indeed know her weakness and the sight of Sasha rubbing her feet on the table made her pussy instantly wet. It also caused her to loose control slightly.

She hit the cue ball a little low and a little too hard.

It didn't seem to matter at first because the eight ball slammed into the corner, just grazing Sasha's pussy as it went in. {[wmbc16766z.jpg]}

But Amber's cheers were almost instantly halted as she watched helplessly as the cue ball backed up and started a torturously slow journey towards to far corner pocket.

'Nooooo!' Amber cried, but there was nothing she could do. The cue ball had just enough momentum to crest the lip of the pocket and fall down. Scratching while putting the eight ball in - LOSS.

'Fuck!' Amber cried, looking at her friend who was now grinning like a Cheshire cat.

'I win!' Sasha cooed, sliding off the table. She walked a few feet and looked at her friend.

Sasha's smile turned sinister.

'Come over here.' Sasha ordered. At first Amber didn't move, but then, reluctantly, she gave in and slinked over to her waiting friend. 'Get on your knees... NOW!'

Amber did as she was told.

'Put your arms behind your back like a good slave girl.' Sasha cooed. She grabbed Amber by the hair and shoved her head between her legs. Amber resisted at first, but then relented. 'You're so easy. It's going to be my pleasure to watch you squirm.'

Amber responded by delving into Sasha warm moist pussy with reckless abandon. After a few moments, Sasha yanked her back by the hair.

'You're such a little whore. I think I need to teach you a little self control. Where to start... Where to start... there are so many choices. But before we get to that - As much as I love you in those slutty little shorts and hose, I think a change of clothes is in order first - don't you?'

'Yes.' Amber said, her eyes lowered.

'Yes what?'

'Yes Mistress.' Amber said, turning to stand up.

'Did I tell you to stand up? Crawl.'

Pool Party Pool Party bondage

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