Sasha Monet and Amber Michaels bondage adventures - 6

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Amber Michaels ballet heels bondage

Sasha played with herself, her eyes never leaving Amber's writhing body. After awhile, she returned, unable to stay away from the pulsing sexual display.

'Isn't this fiendish?' Sasha cooed, her crop slowly sliding up Amber's body. 'I'm sure that you must be at your wits end by now, aren't you?'

Sasha slid her hand down between Amber's legs and Amber winced. She was dripping wet.

'Well, isn't this wonderful... my own little bondage slut. You like it when it's tight, don't you?'

'MMMMphmm' Amber replied, her eyes rolling back in her head at the touch of Sasha's caress.

'I bet those shoes must be killing you by now - not to mention these...' Sasha said, pulling on the nipple clamps.

Amber winced in pain, causing her to pull even harder on the clamps.

"Haammmmfff...' She moaned.

'This is but a taste of what's in store for you ... just you wait - just you wait...'

Amber Michaels nipple clamps bondage

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